Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The World Is Not Enough for IFP

Here's a unique piece of literary Bond/movie Bond memorabilia. This is a program made for a special screening of the 1999 Pierce Brosnan Bond flick, The World Is Not Enough, hosted by Ian Fleming Publications (IFP). The program used artwork from the film on the cover (just like the regular screening program), but inside it contained information about Ian Fleming and the Fleming family, and on the back was a list of all the Bond novels, including the to yet-to-be-released Doubleshot by Raymond Benson.

Believe it or not, I found this in a trash pile on the streets of London the day after the screening. Yes, I will dumpster dive for 007!

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  1. That's interesting. It's not often you find a piece of film merchandise that accurately chronicles the books as well. That said, the novelisations of the films back then slotted nicely into the then current novel run, though Goldeneye tied itself in knots with Felix Leiter's 'second' shark dip!

    1. Wasn't Leiter's second shark dip in the Licence to Kill novelisation??


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