Thursday, September 27, 2012

It's official: Charlie Higson is the next JAMES BOND

Yes, it's true. Young Bond author Charlie Higson will play "James Bond" in 2013!

RadioTimes reports that Charlie Higson has adapted the Miss Marple adventure A Caribbean Mystery for ITV1, and will have a cameo role as unassuming American ornithologist, James Bond.

Of course, this is nod to the real James Bond, author of Birds of the West Indies, whose name was "borrowed" by Ian Fleming for his fictional super spy.

A Caribbean Mystery finds Agatha Christies "spinster sleuth" investigating the death of a guest at a lavish hotel on the tropical island of St Honore. It will be broadcast on ITV1 in the UK in 2013.

Directed by Charlie Palmer, A Caribbean Mystery will feature Julia McKenzie as Miss Marple. Supporting players include Robert Webb, Montserrat Lombard, Daniel Rigby, Hermione Norris, MyAnna Buring, Warren Brown, Antony Sher and Higson, Charlie Higson as JAMES BOND.

First photo of the new Bond. (Note character name on window card.)

Speaking of Higson, the latest book in his popular Enemy series, The Sacrifice, has just been released by Puffin Books in the UK.

Thanks to marktmurphy at the CBn Forums for the alert. Follow Charlie Higson on Twitter @monstroso.


  1. That's why they've left a spare slot in the 50th edition Blu-ray boxset - so you can slip your disc of Ms Marpole in!!!

  2. I love Charlie Higson...I really, truly do. Not only has he written 5 top drawer, first class Young Bond books, he's the only continuation author to truly 'get' what Bond is and what he should be.

    Those Young Bond books are truly the ultimate tribute to Ian Fleming. Everything just feels right...forget Gardner, Benson, Deaver even Faulks...those guys were clearly casual fans...Higson gets it inside and out.

    Charlie Higson, I salute you and if you're reading this...WRITE SOME MORE YB!!!

    1. I enjoy all the continuation authors' work, but I agree with you that Higson truly "gets it." I really hope he gets a chance to write an adult Bond novel some day. I think he would deliver something really special.

    2. I absolutely agree about Higson and his Young Bond books. They were excellent, and he DEFINTIELY "gets" it. But I hardly think it's fair to call Raymond Benson, who penned the definitive reference work on James Bond prior to becoming an official continuation author, a "casual fan!" And even less fair to lump him in with Faulks, who gave the impression in interviews of not being a fan at all, even of the casual variety.

      But I'm with you on Higson. His YB books are amazing, and I would love to see him write more of them and love even more (as John suggests) to see him one day write an adult Bond novel!

  3. Let's not forget Agatha Christie wrote the very first James Bons short 1934 - The Rajah's Emerald. Look it up!


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