Thursday, September 6, 2012

007 RELOADED audiobooks available NOW

Today sees the release of AudioGo's 007 Reloaded audiobooks. These are 12 original Ian Fleming James Bond novels read by major British actors, including some who have starred in James Bond films. Each audiobook also contains a bonus interview with its star reader.

They are available as both a digital download and on CD (linked below). They are currently only available in the UK.

Casino Royale (read by Dan Stevens)
Live and Let Die (read by Rory Kinnear)
Moonraker (read by Bill Nighy)
Diamonds Are Forever (read by Damian Lewis)
From Russia With Love (read by Toby Stephens)
Doctor No (read by Hugh Quarshie)
Goldfinger (read by Hugh Bonneville)
Thunderball (read by Jason Isaacs)
The Spy Who Loved Me (read by Rosamund Pike)
On Her Majesty's Secret Service (read by David Tennant)
You Only Live Twice (read by Martin Jarvis)
The Man With The Golden Gun (read by Kenneth Branagh)


  1. Very nicely package . But I still prefer the recent BBC audio adaptations . Readings only are a bit lame - even by a well known voice ...

    1. The BBC audio adaptations are fine - if you like Toby Stephens as 007, which I don't. Too full of himself by far. The marvellous thing about these AudioGo recordings is that they're complete, as Fleming wrote them, a few modern storytellers are as compelling as he is. I still revel in his atmospheric introduction to 'From Russia With Love'.

  2. Where are For Your Eyes Only and Octopussy? Get Sir Rog in front of a mic and do it properly!

  3. Sounds awesome; too bad they're only available legally in the UK.

  4. I got the part 1 box set of CD's and had part 2 on pre-order with amazon, but now AudioGo went into administration, Amazon can't deliver and cancelled the pre-order.
    Any-one know if there are any Part 2 DC box sets out there on the market? or if the is a load of stock in warehouse some where?

    1. Just in case you see this & still haven't got the second lot, it's available on Amazon.

  5. There seem to be a lot in The Works at the moment...

    1. I bet that's not the case now, more than 4 years later. 😞

  6. Managed to get 7 of these in WHSmith in Leicester relatively recently (am only just getting around to listening to them), but I wish I'd got them earlier - I think they've been deleted. Looks like I'll have to get the rest of them from Amazon which I'm really not a fan of, but there we are.


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