Wednesday, August 29, 2012

New Michael Gillette artwork on German THUNDERBALL

Peter Lorenz over at the superb blog Illustrated 007 alerts us to this brand new Michael Gillette cover art for the upcoming German edition of Thunderball. Gillette created the centenary cover series in 2008. On his official website Gillette says he wanted to redo the Thunderball artwork as he was disappointed with the first cover ("Green is the hardest colour to reproduce") and that he's "really happy with the redux." Me too.

Original 2008 cover and the 2012 German redux.

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  1. I like the redux cover too. Very cool.

  2. I like it as well.

  3. It is better and I suspect based on a photo of Billie Piper!

    1. It could be Billie or equally Kate Beckinsale. Either way the wetsuit makes it more themed and I like it. Why are the German's still using this artwork though and we're getting Death by Saul Bass in the UK?

  4. Ha! She really does look like Billie Piper.

  5. I didn't like these illustrations in 2008 and 'Feuerball' hasn't changed my mind any. Whoever the model might have been is irrelevant. They look more suited to the cover of a girl's comic. I also don't like the way the book's title is broken. Ian Fleming didn't write THUNDER BALL, he wrote THUNDERBALL. The same goes for GOLD FINGER. If you can't fit the title large enough on a part of the human anatomy then don't use the concept. MOONRAKER could have proved interesting on a male model...


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