Sunday, August 5, 2012


By now you probably know that the new issue of Entertainment Weekly magazine has special James Bond 50th Anniversary coverage as well as a peek at the new film Skyfall.

Nothing literary Bond related and no mention of Fleming anywhere, unfortunately, but there is a nice shot of Timothy Dalton from his 1986 screen test that I've never seen.

Here's a look back at past Entertainment Weekly Bond covers, including their fantasy covers that came inside the Fall Movie Preview issue of 2006 (love these).


  1. Gotta love the Dalton (1987) cover. The Simpsons should get their own show! E-mail forwards are the future of comedy! Is Madonna over?

    Pity that of the four things on this cover Dalton as Bond was the one that wouldn't last.

  2. Great stuff, love the Dalton cover too.

  3. The last row are fake mock-ups done by EW

  4. Can you print or send a link to the Dalton screen test photo for those of us in the UK who can't get EW magazine? I was under the impression he didn't do one, that Cubby knew he could play the part.

    1. Check out this post at CBn. There's a link to the pic there.

  5. Many thanks for that link. I have one of those autograph cards and always figured it was a late 70's publicity pose but looking back I think long hair and sideburns was just Tim being Tim. Look at LTK when he (literally) let his hair down. That mirror shot mirrors (ha!) similar ones to Brosnan during his screen test so looks like they did the OHMSS scene for both. I wonder who Dalton tested opposite...


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