Friday, March 2, 2012

Top Gear looks at the history of SAAB

Here is a terrific history of the Saab Motor Company from Top Gear. This will help all you youngsters understand why it wasn't unusual at all that John Gardner put 007 in a Saab in 1980. They sing the praises of the Saab 99 Turbo, which was the predecessor to Bond's 900 Turbo. Unfortunately, they don't include Bond's car in their story, but it's still worth watching. And like the Top Gear guys, I too am going to miss Saab.


  1. Me too. (Even though I was always a Volvo guy.)

  2. I had a friend who's dad went from one of these to a Skoda 130. I didn't notice the difference at first, they looked so similar. But as I found out about the Saab and Bond I felt bad for him. Skodas at the time were mocked as being like dodgem cars.


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