Thursday, November 3, 2011

Will the next Bond novel be SKYFALL?

Eon Productions held a press conference in London today and confirmed that the title of the next James Bond film, due for release in October 2012, is SKYFALL. This is the first time since 2002's Die Another Day that a non-Fleming title has been used for a Bond film.

So why is this exciting for us here at The Book Bond? Because if Ian Fleming Publications follows their established pattern, this means we could get a novelization of SKYFALL next year.

With the exception of the two Christopher Wood novelizations in the 1970s, the rule has been that IFP reissues tie-in reprints of the original book when the filmmakers use a Fleming title (Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace), but commission a full novelization when they use an original title (The World Is Not Enough, Die Another Day).

So if we are to get a SKYFALL novelization, the real mystery is who will write it? Since 1989 the authors of the novelizations have been the reigning continuation novelist. However, as we saw with Devil May Care and Carte Blanche, IFP is currently contracting authors one book at a time. So who might they turn to for SKYFALL? A past continuation author like Raymond Benson or Charlie Higson? Or will we get an entirely new author?

This will, of course, be something we will stay on top of here at The Book Bond. But here's hoping that next year James Bond will be back -- on the written page -- in SKYFALL!

(My two cents on what was revealed today: The title is decent, but I can't say I'm a huge fan of the plot description. I think we've had WAY too much M in these movies lately, now it's all about M. And, of course, this time it's personal...again. Excited about China though.)



  1. If Higson's not available, why not Simon Winder?

  2. I hope it happens and if it does, I'd love to see them bring Benson back for the assignment. It would be interesting to see him write "Craig Bond."

  3. Interesting thought about a potential novelization, something I hadn't even considered.

    I agree completely that M has been WAY overused lately. Time for her to give Bond his mission briefing and googbye M... until Bond 24.

    I guess they must be paying Judi Dench too much too justify such a minor role.

  4. Sometimes I think that IFP forget things until "The Book Bond" mentions it than we get a new novel next year. :)

  5. Following the pattern of how they've previously done original Bond movie novelizations, if they use the current continuation author, do they make it fit in the current continuation plotline (ie. would they make it fit /coexist with Carte Blanche's reboot of the novels, or would it be a different continuity?)


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