Thursday, November 24, 2011

CARTE BLANCHE trade paperback released in UK (?)

Carte Blanche has been released in the UK as a trade paperback by Hodder & least I think it has.

Amazon shows the released date of November 24, but also shows that it will ship in "2 to 4 weeks." (My own order from The Book Depository has yet to ship.) Also, I've seen no fanfare or adverts for this paperback release, and Amazon lists another paperback with this exact same cover art for release in May (I've been told this is the mass market edition).

It's all a little confusing, and is certainly a contrast to Devil May Care, which received new cover art and a major new ad campaign when it was released in trade paperback in 2009.

The U.S. gets the paperback edition of Carte Blanche in January.


  1. It has been released. I've seen it in one of the local Waterstones.

  2. Cool. Thank you, Douglas. I was hoping someone from the UK would chime in on this.

    Still waiting on my copy to ship.

  3. This is the same as the "Airport" edition of the hard cover copy right?

  4. It's my understanding this is an all-new trade paperback edition. That is new cover art. But I haven't laid my hands on a copy, so I really don't know.

  5. Just picked up a copy from Waterstones in the UK.
    Cover as above, thanks for the heads up John I just love getting all the versions.

  6. Well, mine never shipped from The Book Depository (still says "Awaiting publication") and Amazon went right from "2 to 4 weeks" to "out of stock". So I think I might have missed out on this one. Very frustrating just trying to nail down what this is exactly. I'm still confused frankly.

  7. how long does it take to publish books for book depository


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