Saturday, October 8, 2011

Is SKYFALL taking a page from SILVERFIN?

Seems like every time we get a bit of information about the next James Bond film, it sounds like sometime out of one of the continuation novels (at least to my obsessed mind).

First we heard that the film might feature South Africa and an action sequence involving freight trains (Carte Blanche), then we got the rumored title Skyfall (Cold Fall), now the BBC reports that the explosive climax of the film will take place at Duntrune Castle in Scotland.

Of course, the climax of Charlie Higson's first Young Bond novel SilverFin was also set in a Scottish Castle. Heck, Duntrune even looks like Castle SilverFin from various SilverFin cover art. I guess we could also point to License Renewed, which features a Scottish Castle as a major location, but not in the book's climax.

There is a rich history of ideas from the continuation novels mysteriously finding their way into the Bond films (Colonel Moon anyone?). I took a look at the similarities in an article on a few years back. Think maybe it's time I published an updated version here on The Book Bond.

Castle SilverFin...or SkyFall?


  1. I realize it's a little presumptuous using the Skyfall title in the headline instead of Bond 23, but I couldn't resist the similarity to SilverFin, and I happen to believe the rumor that this IS the title. I'll change it if it isn't. :p

  2. Let's not forget the Scottish castle from Licence Renewed as well.

  3. Btw - just noticed it now - the castle on this cover is the Eilean Donan one, the very same from TWINE. Of course, this castle was also under consideration for Bond23.


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