Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ian Fleming on the "death" of JAMES BOND

The HMSS Weblog (my go-to source for Bond film news, especially Bond 23 updates) has uncovered a fantastic letter Ian Fleming wrote to a fan who was concerned about James Bond's "death" at the end of the novel, From Russia With Love.

Fleming responds with a bulletin from Sir James Molony, Department of Neurology, St. Mary's Hospital, giving an update on 007's condition.

You can read the letter at the blog: Letters of Note.

You know, could this be considered canon? Yes, I think it should! :)


  1. I think the fan is the mother of Simon Winder ,who wrote "The Man Who Saved Britain"
    blurb below
    "After victory in World War II, Britain was a relieved but also a profoundly traumatized country. Simon Winder, born into this nation of uncertain identity, fell in love (as many before and since) with the man created as the antidote, a quintessentially British figure of great cultural significance: James Bond. Written with passion, wit and a great deal of personal insight and affection, this book is his wildly amusing attempt to get to grips with Bond’s legacy and the difficult decades in which it really mattered"


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