Thursday, August 4, 2011

JOHN GARDNER paperbacks get new UK release dates and the Orion website are showing new (earlier) release dates for the upcoming John Gardner James Bond paperback reprints in the UK.

The first three books, Licence Renewed, For Special Services, and Icebreaker now show February 2, 2012. Role of Honor, Nobody Lives Forever, and No Deals Mr. Bond will hit on May 10, 2012. Scorpius, Win Lose or Die, and Brokenclaw will arrive Sept. 27, 2012. The only paperback still showing a 2013 release is the License To Kill novelization (Jan 3). The remaining six titles have not yet been announced.

These new paperbacks will feature all-new original cover art.

Check out our special Gardner Renewed page for the updated release schedule and links to all the John Gardner James Bond reprints in the U.S. and UK.


  1. Again a photo I have never seen before. Guess this was done at CCS in Mayfair London..?

  2. I don't know, but, yeah, you could be right about that, Simon.


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