Sunday, June 12, 2011

Will BOND 23 take a page from CARTE BLANCHE?

The Hollywood Reporter recently ran a story that suggested Eon Productions are considering South Africa as a location for the next James Bond film (Bond 23). The trade paper quoted local producer, Anant Singh, as saying, "We are excited that the new James Bond film is considering locations in South and Southern Africa. Film people love to work in our country."

Of course, South Africa is a major location in Jeffery Deaver's new Bond novel Carte Blanche. The last half of the book is set in and around Cape Town, where villain, Severan Hydt, has his main Green Way facility. The book also features action set amid the scenic Twelve Apostles mountain range.

Twelve Apostles mountains in South Africa

Carte Blanche marks the first time James Bond has travelled to South Africa in a book or film. In 1971's Diamond Are Forever, Sean Connery's James Bond says, "I've always fancied a trip to South Africa." While that film does feature a scene set in South Africa with villians Wint and Kidd, 007 gets sent to Holland instead.

However, the rumored South Africa setting may be just that - rumor. Local film commissions love to claim their regions are being "considered" as a Bond location. India has also claimed to be the focas of the Bond 23 the filmmakers, something they've said of the last several Bond films.

Meanwhile, South Africa is enjoying the attention Carte Blanche is giving the country. Mariette du Toit-Helmbold, the CEO of Cape Town Tourism, says that Deaver's choice is an "acknowledgement of the inspirational setting of Cape Town."

Speaking of locations, it's worth noting that Carte Blanche has also scooped the new Mission Impossible film, Ghost Protocol, by setting action in Dubai.

Carte Blanche is out now in the UK. It will be released in the U.S. on Tuesday (

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  1. Personally, I'd love to see it. The Africa sequences represent some of the best James Bond storytelling we've ever seen, literary or film.

    And, more than just action, I'm talking about seeing 007 problem-solve on the fly, develop and deal with changing relationships, and fantastic homages to Ian Fleming (eg, when James Bond arrives at the airport).

    That said, I think there's next to no way we'll see anything like this in Bond 23. No way. Unfortunately.


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