Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Jeffery Deaver open to writing another Bond novel

Jeffery Deaver tells the Star-Telegram that he's open to the idea of penning another James Bond novel:

"It was a one-book contract, with the understanding that I had to get right back to writing my own books," he says. "I'm currently working on my next Kathryn Dance book [fourth in the series]. Then I have a Lincoln Rhyme book that is due next year for publication in 2013 [No. 10 in the series]."

That said, when it comes to Bond, Deaver will never say never again.

"If Carte Blanche were to become a publishing phenomena, if it turns into, say, James Bond and the Deathly Hallows, then I would certainly be interested in revisiting it," he says. "But I would never not write my own books. Basically, we left it pretty much in the air for now."

I, for one, would love to see Deaver return!


  1. That is excellent news! Love the new novel!

  2. IFP should have a short term contract with Deaver, say about five novels total.

  3. I had written a longer post and of course hit sign out like a Dumba$$ before it was finished. Anyway I like 008's idea I think IFP need to find somebody to write more than one book. The author get's more comfortable with the character and his/her audience and the subject and we get more comfortable with him/her. I am not done with Carte Blanche yet I am reading it at a snails pace but It's a very entertaining read and a second Deaver novel I believe would be even better.

    The other reason I would like to one author in a long term (5 books like 008 said is a good start) is because every other adds or subtracts to Bond's background and it would get too confusing. Is he 40ish in 1967? 30ish in 2011? 50ish in 2011? I have no problem with Deaver's update on the character to attract more readers for not only CB but for future novels. I am fine with making Bond a period piece as well. But choose one and go with it. Honestly I think making him a man of 2011 is the smarter choice right now.

    Bottom line I want more James Bond literature and I would prefer not having to wait every 3 years and I think Deaver would be great as would Higson. Weinberg? Great writer and I love the Monneypenny Diaries but maybe I am more sexist than I care to admit. I'll leave it at that.

  4. Donovan Mayne-NichollsJune 21, 2011 at 1:26 PM

    Entertaining but nothing special. I'd rather have a second series of Young Bond or a period continuation to DMC than a formulaic, politically-correct reboot and I REALLY wish IFP stuck to British writers. It read like a movie and I'd rather have a literary Bond that didn't resemble EON. Deaver and IFP should have tried harder as it doesn't compare to the cinematic reboot.

  5. Agree with others here who've advocated continuity, more of an assured 2- to 3-year frequency, and definitely going again with Jeffery Deaver.

  6. I would like to see Deaver return. He just needs to make Bond less one dimensional. We need to be let in on his thought process alot more! To me the character seemed almost mechanical.


  7. I'm only halfway through CB, but I'd definitely be open to seeing Deaver return, and I agree that he would probably get better and better the more time he spent with the character. (Right now I'm not quite LOVING the book, but I'm certainly not hating it either like I did the last one. It's light years ahead of Faulks, not as good as Benson or Gardner at their best, but also better than either of them at their worst.

    Anyway, while I'd like to see Deaver back at some point in the future, I really like the idea of rotating authors! It gives us a nice range to select from. If one author isn't our personal cup of tea, maybe the next one will be. The best thing about this rotating author plan is that it keeps the door open for much bigger authors, like Deaver, who would be reluctant to sign on for long term contracts that might take them away from their own writing, but would be game for a one-off with the possibility to return in the future.

    As for continuity, time period, and age, it would probably be better if they stuck more or less with what Deaver's laid out to keep things from getting too confusing. (Though I'd certainly love to see more period pieces in the future, too, if at all possible!)

  8. Some sort of continuity would be okay, but I doubt that it'll happen. These authors all come on-board to adapt Ian Fleming's iconic, original James Bond -- not John Gardner's Bond, Raymond Benson's Bond, or Jeffery Deaver's Bond. Don't get me wrong -- those authors did enjoyable work, and a new author might respect what they did, but it's not much of a literary event if you're just doing a continuation of a continuation.

    I prefer to read different takes on the character, anyway. I love that Faulks and Deaver had totally different approaches, and I enjoy the differences between Kingsley Amis' style and, say, Samantha Weinberg's.

    Besides, what's the point of trying to keep any continuity when the original character would be 90, the film series has strayed so far off from the books, and Fleming left no clues where his character was going, anyway?

    I say, give us a Stephen King Bond novel, a Clive Barker Bond novel, an Elmore Leonard Bond novel, a J.K. Rowling Bond novel -- heck, I'd even read Robert James Waller's "James Bond of Madison County." Just give me more!

    Jeff Hause

  9. Another Bentley special edition???

  10. Finally finished it tonight. Great book certainly one of the best continuation novels yet written. I did not think it was quite as good as By Royal Command but it was very good indeed.

  11. Best Bond book since Fleming

  12. Absolutely loved 'Carte Blanche'!!! Jeffery Deaver wrote Bond the way Fleming would have written him were he still alive, an excellent Novel. I would love to read another Deaver Bond.


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