Thursday, May 19, 2011

Croatian edition of MOONRAKER unveiled at gala event

Cover model Ana Kurobasa

ZAGREB, May 16, 2011 – At a gala event held last week at Le Méridien Lav Hotel in Split, Croatian publishing house Algoritam has revealed the latest in its line of special first editions of Ian Fleming’s 007 books, Moonraker.

The Croatian imprint is historically unique in that it features the work of the nation’s most beautiful models and most talented photographers, who are recreating the Bond Girls featured in each title as closely as possible to the author’s description. As with the previous two novels, Casino Royale and Live and Let Die, and the Quantum of Solace short story collection, the first edition of Moonraker is issued in a strictly-limited run of 1000 hardcover copies with laminated, silver-foil embossed covers.

“It is a tremendous responsibility to bring the original James Bond books to a new language,” said Mr. Vladimir Cvetković Sever, the editor and translator of the Algoritam 007 imprint. “Conversely, it is just as tremendous an opportunity. Using the same care with which we are ensuring that the translation is faithful and as rich as the original, our team has now produced the fourth in a series of covers that feature character portraits of Ian Fleming’s leading ladies.”

Portraying Gala Brand of Moonraker is Ana Kurobasa, the first runner-up of the 2008 Croatian Miss Universe pageant. As Miss Kurobasa is based in Split, the Algoritam team decided to produce the entire cover there, utilising local talent. The photographer, Mr. Hrvoje Radeljić, was instrumental in creating a stage set depicting the polished-gun interior of the Moonraker rocket shaft in his studio, while a dedicated crew styled Miss Kurobasa to resemble Gala Brand as closely as possible.

The results have met with approval from the guests attending the gala at the Lav, a hotel with a longstanding connection to the Bond Girl phenomenon – their iconic antecedent, Ursula Andress, was its first celebrity guest back in 1973. “It is only fitting that this hotel now celebrates the latest in this very select group of ladies,” remarked the CEO of Algoritam, Mr. Neven Antičević. “We are grateful to the British Embassy for their assistance in organising this event, and particularly to Ian Fleming Publications Ltd., who have been extending gracious support to our imprint since its inception three years ago.”

As Algoritam gears up for the production of its upcoming 007 release, Diamonds Are Forever, it was also pleased to announce that Moonraker and very limited amounts of its previous 007 special editions are shortly becoming available to the international collectors through an exclusive partnership with Croatia’s leading online luxury goods retailer,

Photos © Hrvoje Radeljić, 2011


  1. I love this cover.

  2. I think she gets the point across

  3. Great! She actually looks like Gala Brand.

  4. Do you have links to the covers for the other books that have been released?


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