Friday, May 13, 2011

CARTE BLANCHE Waterstone's special edition revealed

Ian Fleming Publications have revealed the first photo and details of Waterstone's exclusive Carte Blanche Special Edition.

The Waterstone's Edition

Waterstone's have produced a boxed version for you to treasure for years to come. Each numbered limited edition is signed by the author and features the blue / slate smoke effect on midnight background of the independent edition, with the title Carte Blanche spelled in blood-red lettering. The clever design includes a flap opening at the top for easy access to the classic red and white covered copy of your newest Bond novel. Head to Hatchard's or Waterstone's to pick up this exclusive item or Click Here to pre-order your copy now.

CLICK HERE for a list of all the special editions planned for the UK release of Carte Blanche.


  1. Is this edition now different from the slip case edition that Hatchard's offered? Is it the same? Little confused.

  2. Same one. Waterstone's owns Hatchard's, I believe.

  3. As well as the Waterstone's brand, the HMV Group owns the London bookseller Hatchards, founded in 1797 and Irish store Hodges Figgis, founded in 1768, ...

  4. Ah, there we go. Thanks, Simon.


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