Saturday, April 23, 2011

Henry Cavill auditions for role of James Bond in 2005

While this is a blog devoted to the literary James Bond, every once in a while a bit of film Bond whatnot comes my way that I can't help but share (and, frankly, film stuff helps drive traffic to the site). This is one of those whatnots.

Henry Cavill auditions for the role of James Bond in 2005

This is a 100% authentic photo of Henry Cavill in 2005 auditioning for the role of James Bond in Casino Royale. The scene he is reading here is the casino banter between Bond and Xenia Onatopp from GoldenEye. While Cavill was only 22 when he shot this test, he looks damn good, and when I see this I can't help but think about Jeffery Deaver's new, younger 007 in Carte Blanche.

Of course, Cavill lost out to Daniel Craig and the rest is history. But no need to cry a river for Cavill. He was recently been cast as Superman in the upcoming Warner Bros. film, The Man of Steel.


  1. nice find. I'm glad they did not cast him. 22 is just too young for someone to have the experience to be a 00. Maybe if the story followed his early career in the Navy, but not his first 00 assignment.

  2. 22 is just too young for someone to have the experience to be a 00.

    Totally agree.

  3. This photo reminds me of the scruffy press photo they released of Pierce Brosnan in 1994.

  4. Here's a plug for your find:

  5. Oops that didn't come out clickable. Anyway, we put up an item on the HMSS Weglog (clickable link there) to this site. Good find.

  6. Thanks HMSS. :)

    Yeah, posting links here in the comments don't become hyperlinks. I wish they would. But it's easy enough to copy and paste.

    Thanks again for the plug. My real motive for posting this was to help drive new traffic to the site, and it sure seemed to work. This is already my most viewed post ever. People just love this film junk. :p

  7. And to think Empire magazine dubbed him "the unluckiest man in hollywood" - he'll have his comeuppance! Perhaps when he's done with Superman, and if Daniel Craig relinqishes the reins with Bond, maybe Cavill can finally take over. Great photos - both of Cavill and Brosnan, i'd not seen that one before!

  8. Mr Thau please create in CGI Henry Cavill's Superman movie doesn't suck scene

  9. Is that The Guy From Prom?


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