Saturday, April 23, 2011

"How James Bond Destroyed My Husband"

Currently on eBay there is a listing for the October 1966 issue of Ladies Home Journal containing the article, "HOW JAMES BOND DESTROYED MY HUSBAND" by "Mrs. Ian Fleming." I haven't read this, but from what I know about Anne Fleming, this could be a corker! However, I'm too cheap to pay the Buy It Now of $39.99. Over to you.


  1. Ooo, cool. I'll watch for that issue on ebay. If I acquire it, I'll scan the article for you.

  2. If memory serves, this is largely excerpted from the John Pearson biography of Ian Fleming. Of course, Mrs Ian Fleming was very influential in the direction of that book.

  3. I have this issue hanging on the wall of my downstairs bathroom. It happens to be the month of my birth so I bought it.


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