Sunday, April 17, 2011

HMSS interviews Jeffrey Deaver

The superb HMSS Weblog has scored an interview with Bond author Jeffrey Deaver, who discusses what we can expect in his highly anticipated new James Bond thriller, Carte Blanche.

"This book as every other book of mine will have an emotional content to it. A thriller does no good if you do not feel the book in your heart. And you do not feel it in your heart if the characters are cliched or cardboard. I have created sympathetic characters on the good side that have faults, and I have created villains who are to me unique. I have not ever seen any characters like the villains I have created, and yet that resonate with some truth. They will not be cliches. They will be horrific and yet there will be a reason why they are horrific."

CLICK HERE to read the full interview at HMSS.

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