Thursday, January 20, 2011

State of Excitement: Jeffery Deaver onstage in Dubai

Kevin Collette over at OUR MAN FROM BOND STREET has a terrific exclusive report on Jeffery Deaver's onstage appearance at the Emirate Airlines Festival of Literature from his own on-the-scene correspondent, Nathalie Cloet. Click the links below to Bond with Deaver in Dubai.


  1. I would gladly share my infos with you, John ( as will my Foreign correspondent - pretty sure of that ) ...

  2. ...And better thank Nathalie - my friend who attended the event - for bravely standing out as a true ' Bond Fan ' amongst an audience mostly composed of Scholars & Intellectuals alike ...

  3. Oh, thanks, but I'm also happy to link to your site. You're one of the best sources for Carte Blanche info. :)

  4. It certainly will be better than the ' Devil May Care ' effort ...

    Am in contact with the French publisher right now . Same as ' Devil ' . And since they used then part of my own site ( not OMFBS ) for their promo DMC website ( without acknowledging it ) I'm kindly reminding them...

  5. Be sure and let us know when there's a deal for the french edition of CB. Surprised we don't have one yet.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Oh , but there is one indeed , John .
    I put the news online on the FB page by the beginning of the week .
    It's the same Publisher as DMC , Les Editions Flammarion . When I wrote " I was in touch " , that meant I'm already tracking the translator of the novel...Called the Publisher directly that very afternoon...
    Should know the release date of the French edition by early next wee


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