Friday, May 28, 2010

Could Project X spell the end of Young Bond?

Bond fans are still buzzing over the announcement of a new adult James Bond continuation novel by Jeffery Deaver (codenamed Project X) due for release in May of next year. But within the announcement is a cord of concern for those of us who have hopes for a Young Bond Series 2.

The new novel will be set in modern times, abandoning the idea of locking the literary James Bond within the original Ian Fleming timeline. Of course, the Young Bond series has taken full advantage of this idea, setting the action in the early 1930s.

So if Bond is headed to the present, does that mean we will see no more adventures set in the past? Does this mean Young Bond 2 -- should Charlie Higson decide he’d like to do it -- is now off the IFP drawing board?

I put the question to our very own “M”, Corinne Turner, managing director of Ian Fleming Publications, who sent this encouraging response:

“Don’t worry we haven’t left the past behind entirely, but it’s nice to do something different – and keep everyone guessing!”

Good news.

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