Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Next Young Bond would be set in Scotland, include golf

Charlie Higson says if he were to write another Young Bond novel it would be set in Scotland and include golf, as golfing “is such a big part of the adult Bond.”

Charlie made the comment on Twitter (@monstroso), adding, “Sadly I've never got into golf myself. Ian Fleming would not have approved of me.”

The Scotland comment confirms that a second series of Young Bond novels would chronicle Bond’s days at Fettes College in Edinburgh. Fleming actually provides some intriguing information about Bond’s Fettes years, saying young James “twice fought for the school as a light-weight” and “founded the first serious judo class at a British public school.”

Golf, of course, would be a terrific addition to a Young Bond novel.

Despite the tease, another Young Bond novel is, at the moment, still just a dream. But it’s encouraging that Charlie appears to dreaming about it as well.

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