Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Blast from the past...

So how did us old-timers get a first look at the cover of the new Bond novel before the internet? From the post office, of course!

The good old American James Bond fan club would send out these postcards to club members. Not only would this be our first look at the cover art, but frequently this is how we'd learn the title as well. Only thing it didn't reveal was the color of the book jacket. I recall being quite surprised that this Icebreaker cover turned out to be red.


  1. Hard back books for the price of $10.95 man those were the days.

  2. And that was a price increase. License Renewed was $9.95.

  3. Damn, I never received those !!!!!
    But managed to get each & every issue of Bondage ( as well as most of the newsleters too ! ) through various sources with limited delay from their initial publication .


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