Tuesday, July 14, 2009

John Gardner audio interviews

Take a listen to these two terrific interviews with James Bond author John Gardner from 1984 and 1985. Intriguingly, Gardner says the title of his sixth Bond book will be Tomorrow Always Comes. A good Bondian title. How that became the abysmal No Deals, Mr. Bond is beyond me. Enjoy.


  1. Very interesting thank you for posting these.

  2. The titling of James Bond books -- much like the movies, one suspects -- is something of a corporate committee affair. (This even goes back to the Ian Fleming days; he wanted to title his Goldfinger novel as The Richest Man in the World.)

    At any rate, the title No Deals, Mr. Bond was the brainchild of one Mr. Peter Janson-Smith, then a director of Glidrose Publications, and Ian Fleming's literary agent. He was so immensely proud of his contribution to the series that my source for this information (Raymond Benson), never had the heart to tell him that his beloved title was the most widely-derided and mocked titles of the entire 007 literary series!

    Thanks for posting this most interesting link.

    -- Paul Baack


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