Friday, February 27, 2009

James Bond operates 'The Girl Machine' has revealed details of Titan Books next collection of classic James Bond comic strips, The Girl Machine. The collection will contain the title story as well as "Beware Of Butterflies" and "The Nevsky Nude."

First published in 1973, "The Girl Machine," finds 007 and Bond Girl Zebeide Rashid traveling to Hajar to free an imprisoned Emir. In "Beware of Butterflies" Bond is once again teamed with agent Suzi Kew to influtrae an Eastern European spy ring. "The Nevsky Nude" finds 007 uncovering a SMERSH operation in Sussex.

The Girl Machine is now available for pre-order at and Release date is July 23, 2009.

Story info from The Bond Files by Andy Lane and Paul Simpson.

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