Monday, June 2, 2008

YOUNG BOND box set exclusive at Borders

Borders Books in the UK are offering a limited signed box set collection of the first three Young Bond novels, SilverFin, Blood Fever, and Double or Die.

Each book in the set is signed by author Charlie Higson and number stamped. The sets are limited to 1000 and retail for £30.00. “The Young Bond Collection” is a Borders UK exclusive and, as far as I can find, are only available in stores.

Collectors will be interested to know that the paperbacks in these sets are not the standard editions. Each book notes on the title page that it is part of this 2008 Limited Edition and the copyright pages mark them as first editions (thus).

Fans will be pleased to hear the books include a preview extract from the upcoming SilverFin graphic novel that is different from the extract found in the recently released Hurricane Gold paperback.

Get them while they last!

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