Monday, May 12, 2008

Starlog reports Oberhauser in BY ROYAL COMMAND

Warning: Nostalgia Alert.

Back before the internet told us, well, everything, the way us rabid fanboys got the latest James Bond news was from Starlog magazine. While Starlog was, technically, a magazine devoted to the Sci-fi genre, it always had a particular fondness for 007, and I can recall with excitement seeing in Starlog the first photos of Roger Moore in A View To A Kill (“He still looks great! Really!”), and Starlog’s famous Moore/Connery cover (right) was the opening salvo of 1983’s “Battle of the Bonds.”

That’s why it’s a pleasure to report that the current issue of Starlog (#366) contains a Young Bond scoop (of sorts). The main feature is a very fine interview with Samantha Weinberg, author of sister series The Moneypenny Diaries (which is just being released in the U.S.), but in a smaller article about the other 2008 Bond releases, there’s this little gem about Young Bond 5:

“Meanwhile, Charlie Higson is expected to accomplish his mission by delivering his fifth and final Young Bond novel, By Royal Command, for publication in September. This story features Hannes Oberhauser, Bond’s skiing and climbing teacher, and an important figure during his adolescence -- one whose murder, decades later, 007 avenges in Octopussy.”

For the record, we actually got this news from Charlie and first reported it here, so it’s possible we are the source for Starlog. But, hey, this is still cool news that’s worth repeating, and I love the idea that fans who don’t obsessively follow all the latest news on the net will discover this choice bit of By Royal Command coolness the way we did back in the Starlog!

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