Saturday, October 20, 2007

Double or Die Limited Collectors Edition in stores

The Double or Die Limited Collector’s Edition is available at participating Waterstone’s bookstores now. Limited to 999 copies, this Collector’s Edition is a slipcased hardcover signed and numbered by author Charlie Higson.

There has been a little confusion about availability and different versions of the book, so I’ve clarified the details with IFP and Puffin Books.

Despite it being listed on the Waterstone’s website and Amazon, the Double or Die Limited Collector’s Edition is a Waterstone’s in-store exclusive. That means you can only buy the book at a Waterstone’s bookstore. The online listings have been removed and pre-orders cancelled.

We also got a report from a fan who bought a copy that was unsigned and unnumbered. Turns out this was simply an anomaly (and a collectible one at that). All copies of Double or Die Limited Collector’s Edition should be signed and numbered.

Happy hunting!


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