Friday, October 26, 2007

Canada getting own Devil May Care

We have a U.S. hardcover, an audiobook, a large print paperback, and now comes news via of yet another edition of Sebastian Faulks upcoming Centenary Bond novel Devil May Care -- a Canadian hardcover.

Typically, I'd assume this is just the same book at the already listed U.S. hardcover from Doubleday. However, Amazon shows the publisher as Doubleday Canada and shows a unique ISBN number, meaning it is a different edition. Whether it will sport variant cover art remains to be seen.

This is a first for Canada. In the past, Canadian bookstores have stocked imported UK editions of the Bond novels.

The release date for the Canadian Devil May Care remains the same as all other editions: May 28, 2008.


  1. Interesting!

    In Australia, we have our own edition of Double Or Die. I can't remember if the Hurricane Gold paperback was published by Penguin Australia or not.

  2. An Australian edition of Double or Die? Do I know about this, Matt?

  3. It looks exactly the same as the UK one.

    Let me check it out when I'm next in a bookstore, but the publishing information on the inside of the book is definitely different to the UK paperback.


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