Thursday, July 12, 2007

Secret Servant paperback released

The paperback edition of Secret Servant by Samantha Weinberg (aka Kate Westbrook) is officially released today in the UK.

Secret Servant is the thrilling second book in Samantha’s Moneypenny Diaries Trilogy. In it, Miss Jane Moneypenny travels to Russia where she’s swept up in Cold War intrigue and uncovers dark secrets about her own past.

The book also reveals details of exactly what happened to Commander Bond during his infamous “visit” to Russia between You Only Live Twice and The Man With The Golden Gun.

Samantha Weinberg is currently at work on the concluding chapter of the series, Final Fling, which takes place during the same time period as the recently announced Devil May Care by Sebastian Faulks. Both books will be released in 2008.

Thus far, the Moneypenny novels have only been published in the UK.

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