Saturday, November 11, 2006

Second Moneypenny short in The Spectator

A second original James Bond/Miss Moneypenny short story by author Samantha Weinberg (aka Kate Westbrook) has been published in the November 11th issue of The Spectator, a UK weekly magazine focused on political and current events. The story is included as part of a special James Bond pullout supplement.

"Moneypenny's First Date With Bond" chronicles the first meeting between 007 and M's loyal secretary. The story has also been published online at (registration is free).

In addition to the short, The Spectator's Connoisseur's Guide to James Bond  includes a second article by Samantha about Miss Moneypenny's unique relationship with Bond, as well as a lengthy article about 007 by Young Bond author Charlie Higson.

The first Moneypenny-Bond short story, "For Your Eyes Only, James," was published in the November issue of Tatler magazine.


  1. Anybody happen to know of a place these stories can be read online? I'm WAY late to the party...

  2. I would like to know the same thing, I have looked everywhere I know of and cannot find them anywhere or back issues of the magazines! Any help you can give would be appreciated

  3. Yes, I too would love to read these two Moneypenny short stories but they don't seem to be available anywhere, hardcopy or digital. A real pity.


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