Monday, August 28, 2006

Charlie Higson confirms Apache in YOUNG BOND 3

Author Charlie Higson has confirmed for me that the Apache weapon discovered by reader Kevin Wells (aka K1Bond007 on the CBn forums) is indeed the weapon that will feature in Young Bond Book 3.

“Nice work on the apache pics. You've nailed it. Although my version has a slight adaptation to the knuckle dusters in that the gun doesn't have to be reversed to use them. I saw some pictures of these nasty little guns when i was researching weapons in Blood Fever and just knew that I had to use them in a book. Little boys love this sort of thing.”

Charlie had offered a challenge to fans to try and find a picture of the mystery weapon online.

Charlie also graciously commented on the suggestion of using the Apache on the cover of Book 3 in a sort of homage to the classic Richard Chopping From Russia With Love cover art.

“We can't use guns on the cover of a kids book, however (quite right too!) maybe if we ever do adult versions of the books we can use them - I love the mock up cover the fans made.”

A very big thanks Charlie Higson for giving me the scoop, and congratulations to Kevin for “nailing it.”

Young Bond Book 3 sees James searching for a kidnapped professor in the darkest corners of 1930s London. It’s due for release in the UK on January 4, 2007.

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