Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Dynamite restores "OO7" in new series

After dropping "007" from the title of their last three series, Dynamite is bringing it back with a series in August called, yes, OO7. It will be written by Phillip Kennedy Johnson with art by Marco Finnegan. Below is the cover of issue #1 and a plot description.

The most famous spy in fiction returns to heat up the summer comics season with a thrilling tale of double agents, assassins, old flames, and heaps of intrigue. James Bond finds himself outplayed with a metaphorical bad hand on a Russian excursion, forced to eliminate an asset he was meant to extract. A shootout with his enemy counterparts leaves Bond with more questions than answers… questions about their American accents, their bleeding-edge technology, and most importantly, how they seem to know so much about him. 

Abandoned by his superiors, facing suspension at MI6, and questioning his waning sense of duty, 007 gets an urgent message from former 00 agent Gwendolyn Gann, a mentor and old flame from his earliest days. Gann’s gotten back in the spy game, and needs Bond’s help… but will Bond make it on time? And what are her ties to the mysteruous new player known only as Myrmidon?


I always wondered if Dynamite dropping "007" from their James Bond series title was an attempt to synchronize with No Time To Die and the idea that Lashana Lynch's Nomi was now 007. I'm glad to see it come back.

You can see some alternate covers for issue #1 at Dynamite Entertainment

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