Monday, March 28, 2022

Limited Edition WITH A MIND TO KILL from Goldsboro Books

A Limited Edition of Anthony Horowitz's upcoming Bond novel, With A Mind To Kill, is now available to pre-order from Goldsboro Books.

  • Signed & Numbered
  • Limited Edition Only 1000 Copies
  • Sprayed Edges
  • Hardcover UK First Edition, First Printing
  • Available from 26 May 2022

Pre-order at Goldsboro Books.

Waterstones is also offering an Exclusive Edition with stenciled edge that can be pre-ordered HERE.


  1. And the US limited editions-oh wait...

  2. The Waterstones Edition is now £16.99 if you want to cancel your preorder and re-order it at the lower price...

    1. I would like that one for the cool stenciled edge, but it doesn't appear to be signed. Waterstones does have another that is signed, but no stenciled edge. So I might end up going with the Goldsboro.

  3. Do Waterstones exclusive and signed editions have any extra material? Because it indicates 304pp and not 288pp...

    1. That's interesting. Afraid I don't know. But until the book is printed, I wouldn't trust page counts on websites. They are sometime estimates that have carried over. If it helps, the proof I have is 270pp.

  4. So I did get the Waterstones stenciled edge edition and it is signed. It also has a chapter in which Horowitz excepts and discusses some unused Fleming material ("Bond Goes To Jail"). I don't know if this is exclusive to the Waterstones edition, but it wasn't in the proof.


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