Sunday, November 14, 2021

The (five word) TITLE of Horowitz's new Bond will be revealed soon

If you're like me and thought the end of No Time To Die was a sadistic gut punch from Eon that's best forgotten, know that we might have some news coming soon that gives hope James Bond Will Return. 

Over the past few days author Anthony Horowitz has teased on Twitter that the title of his third Bond novel "will be revealed soon" and that it is "five words" in length. 

No Time To Die Revoked?

The thrid Horowitz Bond will be released in May 2022. You can pre-order the American edition on

UPDATE: Per a fresh tweet from Anthony Horowitz, the title will be revealed the second week of December.


  1. I'd love to believe there are some James Bond fans left who aren't bitter over being white, friendless, and underdeveloped in certain areas of the body but reading some of the posts here I am losing hope.

  2. Thank God that with Mr Horowitz we can expect the character to resemble the one created by Mr Fleming, unlike tnhe one appearing in the continuing Daniel Bond soap opera. Some found it laughanle that the end credits included the phrase "James Bond will return" but I thought the biggest joke was that it was still credied as "Ian Fleming's James Bond".

    1. While I loved Casino Royale and Skyfall and I think Craig was a fantastic Bond, Spectre and especially No Time To Die have shaken my confidence in Eon's ability (or desire?) to make a traditional James Bond film. Thankfully we have the books where we can count on the elements we love and a 007 who saves the day. James Bond is dead. Long live James Bond!

  3. The first three Connerys and the first three Craig's are now my movie canon. Maybe the first Brosnan too, depending on the weather.


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