Tuesday, August 18, 2015

SILVER BEAST for your toy shelf

Check out this scale replica of James Bond's Saab 900 Turbo ("The Silver Beast") from the John Gardner 007 books. This sold on eBay a while back. It doesn't appear to be an official release – the Saab used here is actually a later model than what Bond drove in the books – but it's still pretty cool!

Wouldn't it be fun of IFP got together with a toy company and produced official replicas of the James Bond novels cars?

You can read all about the history of Bond's Saab here: BOND'S BEAST - WHEN OO7 DROVE A SAAB.


  1. It's always mystified me why no one (well, except Little Lead Soldiers with the one Bentley in '87) has ever produced toy cars based on the books! They would be very popular with collectors.

  2. Great idea from Tanner.
    Bentley do a 'Blower' model but it's £4600!
    After LR was published in '81, I took a Saab 900 Turbo (in silver of course) as my company car and loved every minute with it. Such a shame GM drove Saab into the ground.

  3. Terrific idea to produce replicas of the cars from the books. Corgi would be the obvious choice. I wonder if Eon would have a problem with them doing that.

  4. I did contact Corgi a few years ago.
    Got a reply backing saying they would consider it at ther next meeting.
    I advised them that this would be an all new ultimate collection with the box in book covers even comparing double issues of 007 books and films.
    Since then all Corgi have produced are the same models in different boxes
    Time for a rethink Corgi.

    1. I agree Come on Corgi lets see some action towards customer requests come to fruition.


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