Saturday, September 6, 2014

IAN FLEMING audiobooks released in U.S. and Canada

The complete set of original Ian Fleming James Bond audiobooks -- which had been released in the UK by AudioGo -- are now available from Blackstone in North America as both CDs and digital downloads.

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Narrated by notable British actors, including Bill Nighy, Rosamund Pike, Tom Hiddleston and Sir Kenneth Branagh, this series of unabridged recordings was over three years in the making, and includes bonus interviews with each of the artists involved.

The cover designs are adapted from the 2012 Thomas & Mercer editions of the original novels.

You can purchase the audiobooks now at

Thanks to Ian Fleming Publications.


  1. psyched to hear the last half of the collection. i posted news on Spy Vibe as well on Sept 2nd, adding that Live and Let Die is not yet listed (only a library edition so far on Amazon). my contact at IFP says no new box set and they want to see how the recordings sell first. (re-posting. comment had strange formatting).

  2. Live and Let Die is up on Audible, same as all the others! Read by Rory Kinnear.

  3. I do love Bond audiobooks! These were released in the UK in 2012. Each one has a different actor narrating it, completely unabridged. The UK covers were mostly just faded photographs of the narrators.
    I like the ones I've heard a lot. It is a nice change to hear a variety of readers rather than the same old voice again and again. I was getting very sick of hearing Rufus Sewell's raspy voice from the previous box set.
    I should point out I think some of these new titles may have been slightly censored although I only have one tiny bit of proof. When Kenneth Branagh read The Man with the Golden Gun, he changed the phrase 'arse backwards' into 'barse-ackwards'.
    There is not a lot of swearing in Ian Fleming's novels, even then it is usually self-censored. Has anyone else spotted any other censorship issues in these new releases? Was From Russia, With Love's "Sweet dreams, you English bastard" similarly censored?

    There is a 3 minute interview with each narrator at the end of each book. It's interesting hearing Mr Brannagh trying to find something positive to say about The Man with the Golden Gun...

    My favourite release was released abridged on cassette and unabridged on CD in the UK, read by actor David Rintoul who has a commanding voice and who attempts a faint Scottish accent when reading Bond's dialogue; admirable, even if it does sound a bit like BBC Radio 2 presenter Ken Bruce. Rintoul also recorded several John Gardner novels.

    I'm looking forward to hearing this new Moonraker. I've worked with Bill Nighy and he was an absolute hoot with a velvet voice.

  4. I don't really know if this counts as censorship or not, but the 007 Reloaded version of From Russia With Love read by Toby Stephens is missing the one-page Author's Note that precedes the novel. The Author's Note is present on the Blackstone Audio version read by Simon Vance.

    I really want to complete my collection of these by purchasing the final seven titles on CD, but they're still not in stock at Amazon. I wonder what the hold up is?

  5. Fantastic news. I have all the Whitfield/Vance recordings but I have been curious about checking out these ones. Thanks zencat.

  6. Bill Nighy's Moonraker has been my favorite in the series so far.


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