Monday, November 25, 2013

Steve Cole on YOUNG BOND 6: "It feels REAL at last."

Steve Cole has posted a brief update about the progress of his first Young Bond novel on his blog at Says Steve:

"I’ve been talking to my editor about rewrites for the first Young Bond book. It’s got me really excited, thinking of new ways to improve it. It feels REAL at last instead of fun fan fiction!"

The yet untitled Young Bond 6 will be released in the UK by Random House Children's Publishers in Fall 2014. No word yet about a U.S. publisher or release date.


  1. Which books is he referring to when he says "fun fan fiction" or does he mean the original draft of his own Young Bond novel?

    1. I think he's talking about his own YB novel there.

  2. I'm enjoying speculating as to what he means by "real". I'm really looking forward to this book.

  3. I think he just means that as a writer, it finally feels real to HIM, like the project's really happening and he's really part of Bond canon now, when before it was announced it probably just felt like doing fan fiction.


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