Thursday, June 13, 2013

JOHN GARDNER's Bond novels released as eBooks in USA

Eleven of the 16 John Gardner James Bond novels have been released as eBooks in the USA by Ian Fleming Publications. The books are available now via Amazon, Kobo and Sony, and will also be available from Apple in a few weeks' time. The available novels are:


The final five novels (The Man From Barbarossa, Death Is Forever, Never Send Flowers, Seafire and Cold) will be released as eBooks when the paperbacks are published by Pegasus in 2014.

Visit The Book Bond's special Gardner Renewed page for links to all the Gardner-Bond reprints in the U.S. and UK.


  1. Thanks, John.

    I've downloaded all 11 and I'm happy to finally have thm on my Kindle. I'm not happy, though, that tha authors names continue to get messed up. In this case, the books appear as by "John and Gardner," which causes them to be sorted under John.

    Previous Kindle releases were by "Raymond, Benson" and "Kate, Westbrook." Not much of a problem with the Moneypenny Diaries, but it splits my Benson collection between Bonds and non-Bonds.

    Do yo uknow of any way this can be corrected, if not for the already downloaded copies, for future sales and the upcoming Christopher Wood books?


    Neal Alhadeff

    1. No, sorry, I don't know how to fix this. Haven't really taken the plunge into the world of eBooks myself, so it's all still new to me.

  2. Purchased License Renewed looking forward to the new introduction but was disappointed to find it is not included with the eBook. I assume this is also the case with the other novels with new forwards?


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