Friday, December 28, 2012

Has Boyd delivered his BOND 2013 manuscript?

If this quote is accurate, then there's a new James Bond book in the world! According to a report in the Radio Times, the manuscript for William Boyd's new Bond novel should now be in the hands of Ian Fleming Publications:

He is just putting the finishing touches to the manuscript, which has to be delivered before Christmas. Publication is autumn 2013. There’s no title as yet and Boyd is tight-lipped about plot details.

Hopefully we'll start getting some details in the new year. There hasn't been much news on the Boyd book yet -- certainly less than there was on the last Bond novel by Jeffery Deaver at this same time (remember the whole "Project X" tease?).

William Boyd's new Bond novel will be published by Jonathan Cape in the UK and HarperCollins in the U.S and Canada.


  1. I just read that it's due for release in Australia in October. Looks like there'll be a few redrafts between now and then. I hope that the Christmas deadline didn't mean that Mr. Boyd rushed it. Although, I'd bet that a rushed Boyd book would read better than most.
    Here's hoping.

    1. There's nothing here that would indicate to me that the book is being rushed. Seems to all be going to schedule. We just normally don't hear when a manuscript is first delivered.

  2. The UK TV show Heartbeat was set in te late 60s but ran for a whole decade. I hope we can keep Bond in this time period for a while. I'm not in a hurry to see him tackling the energy crisis or the IRA anytime soon.

  3. Hopefully Mr. Boyd will do a better job than producing a wish-fulfilment crap like Deaver vomited out!


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