Saturday, November 17, 2012

SKYFALL is an all-time high

I know I didn't post anything about the release of Skyfall, the 23rd James Bond film, but did I really need to? I don't think this one was going to slip past any Bond fan.

The film is doing stellar box office -- it's already the second highest grossing movie of all time in the UK and was #1 in the U.S. opening weekend. I've seen the film twice and the only word I can come up with is miraculous. It's just a miracle of a Bond movie -- I can't believe it can still be this good. Congrats to Danjaq and all the creators of Skyfall for keeping The Movie Bond at the top of his game.

But I'm still bummed we didn't get a novelization.


  1. There must be something wrong with me - everyone loves Skyfall from critics to fans to the general public but it really left me cold. By the end they'd turned Bond into Bruce Wayne with noble pile, butler and a villain who looked like the Joker. I think Casino Royale is so much better. Maybe I need to see it again.

  2. I'm with you, John, on the novelization. I really wish we'd gotten one! I even wish it had the poster you use on this post as the cover, but I know it would have actually had the white one where he's lying down. Now I'm mad at the non-existent novelization for not having the cover I want! Seriously, though... I wish there was one.

    Gypsy King, I think Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy borrowed MORE than enough from the Bond canon to make turnabout fair play. Same goes for previous criticisms that CR & QoS owed too much to Bourne.

  3. I love the movie - and I too am really bummed there's no novelization - with the ability to spend more time with the story - and the extra details the author would be bound to throw in - or the deleted scene that was cut after the book was printed...

  4. Maybe a fan will write one? It's possible, isn't it?

    I really do need to go and see it again - you lot can't all be wrong!

    PS: Love the sideways poster - much better than the rather staid gunbarrel one. That said, my favourite recent one is the Craig with the huge machine gun over his shoulder one from the QoS Bluray.

  5. A noble pile? Please explain. How does Silva look like The Joker? He has a big smile but then doesn't Yaphat Kotto as Mr Big? Is he The Joker too? I can't see any relation to Batnan other than the reboot which Eon were thinking of doing back in 1987 anyway.


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