Thursday, April 21, 2011

Rundown of CARTE BLANCHE UK special editions

Thanks to reader Nick and MSE Books, we now have a rundown of exactly what UK editions will be available for Jeffery Deaver's Carte Blanche.

  • Normal hardback not signed - 9781444716474 at £19.99. Available everywhere.
  • First edition signed - 9781444708325 - 1000 copies at £19.99. Available at select booksellers.
  • Indies Edition - 9781444738216 - 1500 copies at £19.99. Will have a different colored cover, signed and numbered. Available at select independent booksellers.
  • Waterstones Edition - 9781444737073 - 750 copies at £100. Available exclusively at Waterstones (and Hatchards).
  • Bentley Edition - 9781444725056 - 300 copies at £1,000. Click for details.

Carte Blanche will released in the UK on May 26 and in the U.S. on June 14, 2011.


  1. So I count 2,250 signed books altogether, excluding the Bentley edition (however big that run is). Do you know if Deaver ever uses an auto-pen? A lot of popular authors do for mass-signatures. I don't begrudge them that because it's a lot of work to sign all those books (and some people count an auto-pen signature as being no different from a real one, so why not?), but personally I feel ripped off when I find out a book I buy was signed that way. Clearly Deaver does plenty of his own signatures, since he does book tours fairly regularly and is planning one for CB, but I'm still curious about all of these pre-signed copies.

  2. Some authors use auto-pen? That isn't a signed book, IMO. Hope Deaver does all the signing himself. He seems like the kind of guy who would. I don't know how anyone could consider auto-pen the same as signing. Is a rubber stamp the same as a signature? Of course not. But I see auto-pen as just a modern rubber stamping.

    But also the signature is not really a big selling point for me when it comes to these specials. What I like is that the book itself is different, design-wise. The signature I'll cherish is the one I get from JD himself in the normal first edition.

  3. Michael Crichton most famously, but, yes, I think a number of "big" authors use the device. As with you, the signature that will mean the most to me will be the one I get in person (and hopefully personalized, future collectibility be damned!), assuming his book tour takes him to the West Coast.


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