Wednesday, December 9, 2009

DR. NO comic sells for £142 in auction

DC Comics 1962 tie-in comic to the first James Bond film, Dr. No, has sold for £142 in auction.

The 47-year-old comic was one of 700 comic lots sold by Cameo Auctioneers in London, and was snapped up by a Bond fan. Adrian Cowdry, film memorabilia and comic consultant to Cameo, said the magazine, part of DC Comics' Showcase anthology series, was the first time a Bond film had been seen in comic form.

Mr Cowdry said: "This Dr No comic is extremely rare and in impeccable condition given it is nearly 50 years old. It is a 'must-have' for fans of James Bond, Ian Fleming or Sean Connery."

He added: "The comic was aimed at reaching the comic reading masses. Hundreds were printed but in those days very few people thought comics would be worth keeping. Kids read them then give them to friends or threw them out, or their parents would put them on the coal fire."


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  2. i'm lucky enough to own a copy of that comic.

  3. Me too. And I may not have paid £142 for it, but the $60 I did shell out easily SEEMED like that much to me back in seventh grade. I saved and saved all summer long, and visited it each week at the comic book store where it was on display behind the counter. Luckily no one else snapped it up while I was saving. When I finally bought it, I think it was the most money I had ever spent on anything! (That was twenty years ago, mind you...)


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