Monday, September 15, 2008

Variant hidden in 20 copies of By Royal Command

If you’ve been playing the Young Bond alternate reality game, The Shadow War, then you learned last week where to find a secret codeword hidden inside By Royal Command that helped complete the mission. If you couldn’t find it, or if you’re a non-player but still curious, CLICK HERE to see the word.

However, did you know there is different codeword hidden in only 20 copies of By Royal Command worldwide that unlocks more information?

While this is exciting for gamers, it is even more exciting (or frustrating) for collectors, because a copy of By Royal Command with this rare variant codeword is certain to be a mega hot collectible!

So what is the other codeword? I have no idea. Thus far, no fan has come forward with one of the elusive 20. But now that we know where the word is hidden...let the search begin!

And if you think you’ve found it, please EMAIL ME and I can verify it with Puffin HQ.

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