Sunday, October 21, 2007

Faulks talks Devil May Care with NPR

Novelist Sebastian Faulks spoke with NPR about his new novel, Engleby, AND his upcoming Centenary James Bond novel Devil May Care.

Faulks noted that he followed Ian Fleming's own prescription of "How To Write A Thriller" (an article Fleming wrote for SHOW Magazine in 1962) which, according to Faulks, specifies writing 2000 words a day combined with snorkeling, martinis, and having dinner with beautiful women.

It's a good interview, and very funny when Faulks talks about how he is already becoming inextricably associated with James Bond in London literary circles.

CLICK HERE to have a listen at the NPR website.


  1. Thanks, Zencat! I'm really glad you've found a venue to continue providing us with your excellent news coverage on all things literary Bond now that YBD has gone exclusively Young Bond. I'll be checking in often...


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