Sunday, September 9, 2007

Hurricane Gold yields YOUNG BOND 5 secrets

The excellent James Bond blog reports that clues to the next Young Bond novel can be found in the pages of the just released Hurricane Gold. Some of these could be considered spoilers, so read at your own risk.

First up, the name of the infamous maid who, according to Ian Fleming, plays a significant role in young James’ troubles at Eton. Roan is said to be 17 and Irish. It’s also reported that all the boys have fallen in love with her, so she’s obviously a looker.

Next is the precise Alpine location of the book’s skiing and mountain climbing action; Kitzbuhel (pic above). Kitzbuhel is a medieval city in Tyrol, Austria, situated between the mountains of Hahnenkamm and Kitzbuhler Horn. It is one of the regions best known and fanciest winter resorts.

Kitzbuhel is also where a young Ian Fleming studied French and German and learned to ski.

Hurricane Gold also mentions that Perry Manderville (who escorted James in his London adventure in Double or Die) has transferred to Fettes College in Scotland. Of course, Fleming tells us Fettes is where James goes after Eton. So is this just another Book 5 set-up, or is Charlie laying the groundwork for a Young Bond Series II?

Charlie is currently working on Young Bond 5 with an eye toward a late 2008 release. For even more on this final Young Bond adventure, click below to read our CBn interview.

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