Friday, April 14, 2006

YOUNG BOND heads to Mexico in Book 4

In February we learned that the location for Young Bond Book 4 -- which had been announced as being set in The Alps -- had been changed to somewhere “hot and exotic.”

Now during an appearance at Foyles bookstore in London, author Charlie Higson has revealed the exact locations; Mexico and the Caribbean.

While James Bond has certainly spent a fair amount of time in the Caribbean, Mexico has received little attention from 007. In Ian Fleming’s Goldfinger Bond reflects on a mission in Mexico (but we do not see it), and while 1989’s Licence To Kill was filmed largely in Mexico, the country doubled for the fictitious Isthmus in South America.

Mexico did feature in two 007 comic strips, The Torch-Time Affair and Death Wing, and in the 1980s role playing game, Goldfinger II: The Man With The Midas Touch. Mexico was also the primary location in Jim Hatfield’s infamous unlicensed 007 novel, The Killing Zone.

Where exactly in Mexico young James will be traveling is not yet known.

If IFP sticks with the current schedule of one book per year, Young Bond Book 4 will be released in 2008.

Thanks to Matt Weston of for sharing this scoop.

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