Friday, December 21, 2018

Merry Christmas from IFP and THE BOOK BOND

Ian Fleming Publications have shared their 2019 Holiday card on their official website.

See you all in 2019

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Ultra-rare The Man With The Golden Gun variant shows up in donation bin

3AW News has a report on a rare variant edition of Ian Fleming's The Man With The Golden Gun with embossed golden gun on front board that turned up in the donation bin of a charity bookstore in Sunshine, Australia.

Thanks to Patrick Donahue for the alert.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

THE BODY collected hardcover released

Dynamite has released the collected hardcover edition of James Bond: The Body by Ales Kot with art by Luca Casalanguida.

As Bond undergoes a post-mission medical examination, he relays the story of his previous mission to the examiner. Each cut, bruise, and broken bone connected to a specific event of the mission. A connection is made between two people with different purposes: one to save lives, the other to take them.

James Bond leads the interrogation of a scientist who allowed a lethal virus to be stolen. But when the investigation takes a surprising turn, Bond begins to question whether he is enough.
One sauna. Twenty Neo-Nazis. One Bond. James Bond.
This weapons deal won't go according to plan.
On the run from a lethal antagonist, weaponless and wounded deep in the Highlands, Bond finds solace with a woman who exchanged her job as a doctor and a life in the city for a cottage and solitary life of a writer. Can Bond find a quiet peace unlike he has known before or will his life choices catch up with him?

You can purchase the collected James Bond: The Body at (U.S.) and (UK).

This week also sees the release of the first issue of Dynamite's new "James Bond 007" series by Greg Pak and Marc Laming.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

FOREVER AND A DAY released in the U.S. today

Today sees the release in the U.S. of Anthony Horowitz's second James Bond novel, Forever and a Day. The book was first released in the UK in May.

Purchase the U.S. edition of Forever and a Day at You can read my Book Bond Review HERE.

Monday, October 22, 2018

The Folio Society releases DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER

The Folio Society has released their next illustrated slip-cased Ian Fleming classic, Diamonds Are Forever.

For the fourth book in the Bond series, America is the backdrop for the adventures of Fleming’s hero, taking the reader from the simmering, sulphurous mud baths of Saratoga to the ‘ghastly glitter’ of Las Vegas. It is in the gambling dens of ’50s Vegas – a world of glamour and gangsters – that we see Bond in his element, sizing up the roulette wheel and casually taking the house for everything it’s got. The only Bond novel not to have roots in the Cold War, Fleming makes certain that Diamonds Are Forever has more than its share of larger-than-life villains and set pieces: the dreadful Spang brothers and their associated gallery of thugs, and the ghost town of Spectreville, complete with its very own steam train, are especially memorable. Writing to a friend, Fleming commented with typical humour that for this novel he had included ‘every single method of escape and every variety of suspenseful action that I had omitted from my previous books – in fact everything except the kitchen sink, and if you can think up a good plot involving kitchen sinks, please send it along speedily’.

Bond is initially dismissive of American gangs, a stance he quickly comes to regret when faced with their ingenious brutality. His unlikely saviour comes in the delectable form of Miss Tiffany Case, a woman with a bad past and a broken future. Tiffany proves to be one of the series’ most complex and compelling female characters, and with his growing attachment to her, we see a new, more conflicted side to Bond. 
Fans of this series will no doubt be excited to see what illustrator Fay Dalton has created with the tantalising combination of Vegas, Bond and Tiffany Case, and they certainly won’t be disappointed. This is the sixth volume in the Folio Bond collection, featuring the distinctive and stylish binding design inspired by the secret agent’s impeccable suits, and a stunning illustrated slipcase.
Bound in blocked cloth
Set in Miller Text with Folio Bold Condensed as display
240 pages
Frontispiece and 6 colour illustrations
Pictorial slipcase
9˝ x 6¼˝

The Diamonds Are Forever Folio Edition is priced at $56.59 and is available now from the Folio Society website.

Also available are illustrated editions of Casino Royale, MoonrakerFrom Russia With Love, Dr. Noand Goldfinger.

Thanks to Double O Section for the alert.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

James Bond Origin short story in November PLAYBOY

Double O Section has landed the scoop that a 6-page illustrated short story by James Bond Origin author Jeff Parker and artist Bob Q will appear in the November-December issue of Playboy magazine. Below is part of the Dynamite press release.

October 18, Mt. Laurel, NJ: Dynamite Entertainment and Ian Fleming Publications Ltd. announced today that the latest James Bond series, James Bond Origin, from Jeff Parker and artist Bob Q will have a standalone story in the upcoming issue of Playboy magazine! 
Fans can read an exclusive six-page story from the creative team behind the critically-acclaimed Dynamite series, James Bond Origin, which takes readers back to March 1941 and tells the definitive account of James Bond’s exploits during World War II. The November/December 2018 issue of Playboy will be available at newsstands everywhere October 30th with digital editions available today for desktop and mobile devices through
Speaking about the opportunity, writer Jeff Parker said, “the team of James Bond Origin recently had the chance to create a short Bond story for Playboy, calling back to the days when the Ian Fleming short stories would run in the magazine beginning with “The Hildebrand Rarity” in the March 1960 issue.”

Thanks to Double O Section.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

JAMES BOND ORIGIN issue #2 released

Today sees the release of the second issue of Dynamite's James Bond Origin series by Jeff Parker, Bob Q, and Simon Bowland.

The epic account of James Bond's exploits during World War II continues! After barely surviving the Clydebank Blitz, James is determined to enter the Royal Marines, despite being two years too young. He'll need to rely on a family friend to help him through, where he'll begin training alongside the best and brightest that the United Kingdom has to offer. But his military training becomes dangerous, when it's discovered there's a German mole in their midst.

You can purchase James Bond Origin #2 at Dynamite or Midtown Comics. The issue comes in an assortment of variant covers.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

RED NEMESIS unabridged audio book released

An unabridged audiobook of Steve Cole's final Young Bond novel, Red Nemesis, is released today by Whole Story Audio Books. It runs 6 discs and is read by Nathaniel Parker.

James is on home soil when he receives a package with a message from beyond the grave. The package s mysterious contents put James at the heart of a long-running plot that, if it runs its course, will paint London s streets red with blood. Not only will James have to fight to stay alive and save the country he loves, but to clear the Bond family name, which he holds so dear. The stakes couldn t be higher, and James doesn t know who he can trust . . .

Saturday, September 15, 2018

FOREVER AND A DAY UK paperback cover art

The UK paperback cover art for Anthony Horowitz's Forever and a Day has been revealed on Pretty much looks like the hardcover art, but there are differences, including a "Number One Bestseller" tag. The book will be released on April 4th, 2019 by Vintage.

Forever and a Day was released in hardcover in the UK on May 31, 2018. The U.S. hardcover will be released on November 6, 2018.

Saturday, September 8, 2018

SHAKEN: Drinking with James Bond and Ian Fleming released in UK

SHAKEN: Drinking with James Bond and Ian Fleming has been released in the UK.

The 007 official cocktail book - created in association with the Ian Fleming Estate 
Explore Bond creator Ian Fleming's writings on the pleasures of drinking and sample 50 delicious cocktail recipes inspired by his work - developed by award-winning bar Swift. 
Cocktails are at the glamorous heart of every Bond story. Whether it's the favoured Martini, which features in almost every book, or a refreshing Negroni or Daiquiri, strong, carefully crafted drinks are a consistent feature of the Bond novels. Recipes are divided into five categories: Straight Up; On The Rocks; Tall; Fizzy; and Exotic. Sip on inventions such as Smersh, Moneypenny, That Old Devil M and Diamonds are Forever, as well as classic Bond cocktails such as the Vesper and, of course, the Dry Martini. Each recipe is accompanied by extracts from Fleming's writings - be it the passage where the classic drink was featured or a place, character or plot that inspired one of the drinks.
Also features Ian Fleming's writings on whisky, gin and other spirits. 
Foreword by Fergus Fleming.

You can purchase SHAKEN: Drinking with James Bond and Ian Fleming at You can also buy via marketplace sellers on the U.S.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

JAMES BOND ORIGIN #1 released today

Today sees the release of the first issue of Dynamite's new series James Bond Origin by Jeff Parker, Bob Q, and Simon Bowland.

At last, the definitive account of James Bond's exploits during World War II! 

MARCH, 1941: Seventeen-year-old James Bond is a restless student in Scotland, an orphan, eager to strike out and make his mark on the world. But a visit by an old family friend coincides with THE CLYDEBANK BLITZ, the most devastating German attack on Scotland during the War. James will fight through hell to survive, coming out the other side determined to make a difference. He'll find his calling in a new British government service, secret in nature... 

You can purchase James Bond Origin #1 at Dynamite or Midtown Comics. The issue comes in an assortment of variant covers. Issue #2 will be released in October.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

FOREVER AND A DAY UK paperback gets a release date

The UK paperback edition of Anthony Horowitz's Forever and a Day will be released on April 4th, 2019 by Vintage, according to a listing at

Forever and a Day was released in hardcover in the UK on May 31, 2018. The U.S. hardcover will be released on November 6, 2018.

Friday, August 3, 2018

Higson's A HARD MAN TO KILL released as eBook

Charlie Higson's Young Bond short story A Hard Man To Kill is now available as an eBook at (U.S.) and (UK).

A luxurious cruise
A deadly prisoner
A desperate scheme
Can James Bond overcome the chaos before it’s too late?

A Hard Man To Kill was first published in 2009 as part of the book Danger Society: The Young Bond Dossier. The story is set between the books Hurricane Gold and By Royal Command and takes place aboard an ocean liner. It's an excellent story that also sees the return of Wilder Lawless from SilverFin.

In a recent tweet, author Charlie Higson said: "I liked writing this story and fully intended to do more with the characters, but alas it wasn’t to be."

You can read more about A Hard Man To Kill at For a full history of Charlie Higson's Young Bond series, check out: The Secret History of Young James Bond.

Monday, July 30, 2018

Kev Walker cover for JAMES BOND ORIGIN #2

Details and variant covers for James Bond Origin #2 have been revealed. The covers includes this one by long time Young Bond artist Kev Walker. A new interview with Walker can be read at Ian Fleming Publications.

The epic account of James Bond's exploits during World War II continues! After barely surviving the Clydebank Blitz, James is determined to enter the Royal Marines, despite being two years too young. He'll need to rely on a family friend to help him through, where he'll begin training alongside the best and brightest that the United Kingdom has to offer. But his military training becomes dangerous, when it's discovered there's a German mole in their midst.

James Bond Origin #1 (Chapter One: The Greatest Days) will be released on September 5, 2018. Issue #2 will be released October 3, 2018. You can see all the issue #2 covers at Midtown Comics.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Collected JAMES BOND: CASE FILES released

Dynamite's four standalone James Bond comics Service, Moneypenny, Solstice and M have been released in a collected hardcover edition called James Bond: Case Files.

Contains Four exhilarating stand alone Bond stories from superstar creators.

SERVICE: In contemporary politics, where Britain's world standing is often more zero than 007, an assassin plans to exterminate the "special relationship," and lead Britain and the United States into a very dark place...especially when he does so by aiming down the sights of an ancient Enfield rifle! It'll test Bond's deadly talents to their limits, in order to defeat the assassin and avert certain geopolitical disaster... 
MONEYPENNY: Friend of JAMES BOND, former MI6 field agent and bodyguard of M! On a 'routine' protection mission, Moneypenny discovers a complicated assassination plot that bears a startling resemblance to a terrorist attack from her childhood. Can she call upon her secret agent skills to stop the plot...? 
SOLSTICE: 007 accepts an unofficial mission. He travels to Paris, in pursuit of a Russian. But is Bond the hunter, or the hunted?

M: James Bond’s superior, code-named M, scrambles MI6’s secret agents across the globe. Sometimes, he knowingly sends them to their deaths, for the greater good. But a traumatic event from M’s early days in the eld returns to haunt him, forcing M to return to the scene of a crime...HIS crime.

You can purchase James Bond: Case Files at (U.S.) and (UK - release date Aug. 7).

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

EIDOLON collected paperback released

A paperback edition of Dynamite's second collected James Bond 007 story arc EIDOLON is out now.

James Bond is trapped in Los Angeles with a MI6 agent under fire and a foreign intelligence service trying to put them both in bags... and possibly more than one foreign intelligence service. And things may not be any safer in Britain, with bodies dropping and ghosts moving in the political mist...

Collecting issues #7-12 of the ongoing James Bond comic book series written by Warren Ellis, the New York Times bestselling author of Gun Machine and critically-acclaimed comic book writer (Iron Man, Planetary, Astonishing X-Men), and featuring artwork by Jason Masters (Batman Incorporated).

Purchase the paperback James Bond 007: EIDOLON at (U.S.) and (UK).

Monday, July 16, 2018

New JAMES BOND 007 series in November

The New York Times reports that a new series from Dynamite called just James Bond 007 will begin in November. It will be written by Greg Pak and drawn by Marc Laming, with colors by Triona Farrell and letters by Ariana Maher. In it, Bond will be joined by a new man of mystery, with impressive fighting skills and a familiar razor-sharp hat...

With this generic title, I'm not sure exactly how or where this fits in the Dynamite universe, but I guess we'll find out in November! Issue #1 will come in four different covers.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Young Bond saga continues in JAMES BOND ORIGIN reports that Dynamite will continue where Charlie Higson and Steve Cole left off in JAMES BOND ORIGN. News of this series first broke last year. Exciting to finally get details and cover art!

Writer Jeff Parker and artist Bob Q will revisit how the future 007 got his start in James Bond Origin, arriving in September from Dynamite Entertainment and Ian Fleming Publications Ltd. 
The new ongoing series will take readers back to March 1941, and introduce 17-year-old James Bond as a restless student in Scotland who’s eager to make his mark on the world. However, a visit by an old family friend coincides with the devastating Clydebank Blitz, forcing James to fight to survive. 
“It’s a weighty challenge to reverse-engineer this icon into a young man on a life’s journey of danger, but Nate Cosby paired me up with Bob Q, who not only brings the gravitas of war in 1941 Europe, but nails the promising hero in his youth,” Parker said in a statement. “James doesn’t have the vast experience of a double-O agent yet, but he’s tenacious and a lightning-quick study. Bob and I work to show the full force of Bond’s spirit.” 
The first issue of James Bond Origin will boast a selection of variant covers from John Cassaday, David Mack, Kev Walker, Gene Ha, Ibrahim Moustafa, and Bob Q. and Jordan Boyd.

You can see all the variant covers for Issue One at CBR.

Thanks to Tanner at Double O Section for the alert.

Monday, June 11, 2018

FOREVER AND A DAY Waterstones edition contains extra Ian Fleming material

As with Trigger Mortis, the Waterstones editions of Forever and a Day by Anthony Horowitz contain original Ian Fleming material in the back of the book that does not appear in the regular trade first editions. This time the dust-jacket is the same, but the book's page edges are yellow.

The only other special this time that I'm aware of is the Goldsboro Limited, which comes signed and numbered and has blue page edges (no extra content). That edition sold out in pre-orders.

There was also a hardback proof with slightly different boards and endpapers that advertise the novel. The proof did not come in a dust-jacket.

Happy hunting!

Thursday, May 31, 2018

REVIEW: 'Forever and a Day' is both great and okay

Anthony Horowitz's second Bond novel, Forever and a Day, is released today in the UK by Jonathan Cape. (The U.S. edition will wait until November 6.) This time we see Bond's first mission as a double-oh agent in what amounts to a prequel to Casino Royale. I've had the great pleasure of reading the book, and I'm happy to report that it's a another strong Bond novel from Horowitz.

But I have to be honest in saying that while I thoroughly enjoyed Forever and a Day, I preferred Horowitz's Trigger Mortis. Every beat of that first book felt original to me, while every beat of this book felt familiar. It has familiar locations (South of France), familiar situations (a casino, a party, warehouses), familiar allies (CIA agent), and a familiar villain's plot (I'll keep this review spoiler free, but this one comes right out of a movie). Also, the original Fleming material, a story about a mad Russian who threatens to shell the casino at Monte Carlo, is related as a past event. It's a great story (or scene), and I'm surprised it wasn't integrated into the plot, as Horowitz did with the race car action in Trigger Mortis. And the idea that Bond "saved the casino" a year earlier undermines the whole idea of this being 007s first mission. Bond walks into the casino and he's greeted like Roger Moore!

The action also takes an unusually long time to kick in, but this is because Horowitz takes time to develop a strong Bond Girl in Sixteen. And once the action finally does kick in (around page 200), it is a relentless rush with a spectacular extended climax aboard the villain's luxury cruise ship. Again, no spoilers, but what Bond has to endure physically -- always a highlight of any Bond book -- is something we've never seen in any Bond adventure, and it's harrowing! This chapter alone makes Forever and a Day unforgettable and a classic among continuation novels.

So apart from my quibbles, I'm thrilled to have another beautifully written James Bond novel from the pen of Anthony Horowitz. I hope we get some more.

Purchase Forever and a Day from

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Play Bond-themed ROULETTE at Waterstones Piccadilly

The countdown has begun to the release of Forever and a Day by Anthony Horowitz, with 4K in pre-orders and promotions kicking into high gear. For those near London, Waterstones Piccadilly will be running a Bond-themed roulette game starting tomorrow until the end of Saturday to celebrate the publication.

Purchase Forever and a Day from or I will post my review of the book tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

FOREVER AND A DAY U.S. audio book cover

Now that we've confirmed the U.S. cover art for Anthony Horowitz's Forever and a Day, here's the audiobook. As usual, some are grossing about how this is vastly inferior to the UK art, but I really like it. I think it's the best U.S. cover we've had in some time.

You can pre-order the U.S. edition of Forever and a Day at Release date is November 6, 2018. But if you can't wait, know the UK edition is out on Thursday.

Monday, May 28, 2018

"OO7 is dead." Read the first chapter from FOREVER AND A DAY

To mark Ian Fleming's 110th birthday today, the first chapter of Anthony Horowitz's upcoming Forever and a Day has been posted to the Penguin website.

Forever and a Day will be released in the UK this Thursday, May 31. It can be purchased at

Saturday, May 26, 2018

ANTHONY HOROWITZ appearance schedule

Here's a full list of Anthony Horowitz's upcoming UK appearances promoting his new Bond novel, Forever and a Day.

Waterstones Leadenhall: Lunchtime signing (June 1st)
Southbank Centre, Royal Festival Hall (June 1st)
Waterstones Glasgow: Lunchtime signing (June 11th)
Waterstones Edinburgh (June 11th)
Waterstones Reading (June 13th)

Forever and a Day will be released in the UK this Thursday, May 31. It can be purchased at

Friday, May 25, 2018

FOREVER AND A DAY U.S. cover art

Back in April, the website The Real Book Spy posted the below cover art for Anthony Horowtiz's Forever and a Day. The site doesn't specify any details, but it certialy appears this might the U.S. cover art, or at least temp art. Whatever it is, I like it!

You can pre-order the U.S. edition of Forever and a Day at Release date is November 6, 2018. This UK edition will be released on May 31.

Thanks to Patrick Donahue for the alert.

UPDATE: This art is now on Amazon, so it appears to be the confirmed U.S. cover.

Monday, May 21, 2018

JAMES BOND art exhibition opens at Bletchley Park, May 25

Bond at Bletchley Park: Illustrations and Inspirations
This summer James Bond comes to Bletchley Park. On display in Hut 12, a temporary art exhibition celebrates Ian Fleming’s original James Bond series, as well as the most recent 007 continuation novels written by critically acclaimed author, Anthony Horowitz. 
The exhibition includes a special section presenting new research into Fleming’s connection to Bletchley Park, exploring how his work in Naval Intelligence helped to inspire the creation of the James Bond books. When Ian Fleming was assistant to the Head of Naval Intelligence during World War Two he vowed to ‘write the spy story to end all spy stories’ and went on to create Casino Royale. 
The artworks have been newly commissioned by social enterprise Eazl from a carefully selected roster of emerging and mid-career artists from the UK and beyond. Participating artists include Threadneedle Prize finalists David Storey and Tomas Tichy, the Australian painter Marc Freeman, and the prize-winning illustrator Finn Dean. The pieces are each inspired by a specific scene, theme or character from a James Bond novel. 
The exhibition is part of a wider project organised by Eazl, with the kind permission of Ian Fleming Publications. The project will culminate in a charity auction in London, in October 2018. 
The exhibition coincides with the release of the second official Bond novel by Horowitz Forever and a Day, the follow up to the critically acclaimed Trigger Mortis.

Bond at Bletchley Park: Illustrations and Inspirations
Fri, 25 May 2018 — Sun, 14 Oct 2018
From 09:30 to 17:00
Free with admission

Visit the Bletchley Park website for more details.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Matthew Goode will read FOREVER AND A DAY audiobook

Ian Fleming Publications have announced that British actor Matthew Goode will narrate the Forever and a Day audiobook. The audiobook will be relased concurrently with the UK hardcover on May 31 (this according to the IFP site, but Amazon shows a June 7 release).

Pre-order the Forever and a Day audiobook at

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Anthony Horowitz talks Bond and FOREVER AND A DAY – get 20% off tickets!

Anthony Horowitz will discuss James Bond and his new 007 novel, Forever and a Day, on Friday June 1st at Southbank Centre in London.

The Book Bond readers get 20% off tickets*. Just enter promo code SPY when booking online here.

Anthony Horowitz is one of the most prolific and successful writers in the UK today. He has written over 40 books, including the bestselling Alex Rider series, about a teen spy, which has over sold 19 million copies worldwide.

Also an acclaimed writer for adults, Horowitz has written two new Sherlock Holmes novels, and in 2015 he was asked to write a continuation James Bond novel, Trigger Mortis. His second Bond novel, Forever and a Day, is published in the UK in May 2018. It can be pre-ordered at

*Please note that the book is not included in the discount.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Tuesday, May 1, 2018


A special printing of the first issue of Dynamite's James Bond 007 Vargr by Warren Ellis will be available as part of Free Comic Book Day this Saturday, May 5.

Reprinting the first chapter in Dynamite Entertainment's ongoing James Bond series! James Bond returns to London after a mission of vengeance in Helsinki, to take up the workload of a fallen 00 Section agent. But something evil is moving through the back streets of the city, and sinister plans are being laid for Bond in Berlin.

Visit the Free Comic Book Day website for more information and locations.

Thanks to Tanner at Double O Section for the alert.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

James Bond KILL CHAIN collected hardcover released

The collected hardcover edition of Dynamite's James Bond KILL CHAIN by Andy Diggle and artist Luca Casalanguida is out now.

When a counterespionage operation in Rotterdam goes catastrophically wrong, James Bond finds himself in the crosshairs of a plot to smash NATO. Someone is assassinating allied agents, and 007 is the next target in the kill chain. Having kept the peace for decades, the old alliance is collapsing, pitting MI6 against its former ally - the CIA! Dynamite Entertainment proudly presents the return of writer Andy Diggle and artist Luca Casalanguida as they plot the return of James Bond's oldest and deadliest foe: SMERSH!

Purchase the collected KILL CHAIN at (U.S.) and (UK).

The next collected edition will be James Bond: Case Files Vol 1. It's available for pre-order at (U.S.) and (UK).

Friday, April 13, 2018

WIN a limited advance copy of FOREVER AND A DAY

Dead Good has launched a special Forever and a Day competition that will definitely be of interest to Bond fans! Check out details below.

We’re giving a lucky 007 fan the chance to be one of the first people in the world to read Forever and a Day, while luxuriating in surroundings enjoyed by both James Bond and his creator Ian Fleming. 
To be in with a chance of winning a night at The Savoy Hotel, London, with a limited edition advanced copy of Forever and a Day and a Martini; simply fill in your details HERE. Good luck!

Forever and a Day by Anthony Horowitz is a prequel to Ian Fleming's Casino Royale. It will be released by Jonathan Cape in the UK on May 31 and in the U.S. by Harper Collins on November 6, 2018.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Dynamite's CASINO ROYALE released today

Dynamite's graphic novel adaptation of Ian Fleming's classic Casino Royale is released today (at last!).

Ian Fleming's literary debut of British Secret Service agent 007 is stylishly adapted to the sequential art medium by Van Jensen and Denis Calero in the official James Bond: Casino Royale graphic novel. Sent to a French casino in Royale-les-Eaux, Bond aims to eliminate the threat of the deadly Le Chiffre by bankrupting the ruthless SMERSH operative at the baccarat table. However, when the luck of the draw favors his enemy, 007 becomes the target of assassins and torturers in a high-stakes game of cat-and-mouse.

Purchase Casino Royale from (U.S.) and (UK). Amazon still shows an April 24 release date, but according to both Dynamite and IFP, the book is out now.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Prepare to be SHAKEN

Today comes news of a unique new James Bond book, created in collaboration with IFP, along with the first look at the cover art. 

Mitchell Beazley acquires Shaken the official James Bond 
cocktail book in collaboration with The Ian Fleming Estate

‘It’s just that I’d rather die of drink than of thirst.’ 
- Thunderball, Ian Fleming

Mitchell Beazley (part of the Octopus Publishing Group) today announced the acquisition of Shaken: Drinking with James Bond & Ian Fleming, the official cocktail book. It has been created in close  collaboration with the Ian Fleming Estate and Ian Fleming Publications. Octopus Publisher Alison Starling acquired world rights all languages from Gordon Wise at Curtis Brown.

Shaken explores James Bond creator Ian Fleming's writings on the pleasures of drinking and offers 50 cocktail recipes created by the co-founders of award-winning bar Swift – Edmund Weil (who is related to Fleming), Bobby Hiddleston and Mia Johansson. Fergus Fleming has written a foreword.

From the very first 007 novel, Casino Royale, in which Bond christens The Vesper, to the immortal lines, ‘shaken and not stirred’, which first appeared in print in Diamonds Are Forever, strong, carefully crafted cocktails are an essential component of every Bond story. With ten classic drinks from the pages of the novels, plus forty brand-new recipes inspired by the people, places and plots of the original novels, Shaken offers both a dazzling selection of delicious cocktails and a glorious celebration of Fleming’s writing on a subject he was fascinated by.

Ian Fleming was born in London in 1908 and died in 1964. His first novel, Casino Royale, was published in 1953. It introduced James Bond, Agent 007, to the world and was an instant success. Fleming went on to write thirteen other Bond books, which spawned one of the most successful and well-known film franchises ever. The James Bond books have sold more than 60 million copies worldwide and have been translated into more than 20 languages. There are 26 films and counting.

In 2016 Edmund Weil and his wife Rosie Stimpson, the duo behind celebrated London speakeasies Nightjar and Oriole, teamed up with bar industry legends Bobby Hiddleston and Mia Johansson to open Bar Swift in Soho. It has achieved early renown, picking up the Time Out Best New Bar award in its first year.

Alison Starling at Octopus said of the announcement, ‘When Gordon Wise mentioned this idea at last year’s London Book Fair I jumped at the chance to acquire the book. It has been a huge privilege to work with the Ian Fleming Estate on this the first official James Bond cocktail book and bringing the award-winning team from Bar Swift into the mix has only added to the quality (and enjoyment) of the project.’

Georgia Grimond of the Fleming Estate commented, ‘Fleming was a stickler for well made and delicious things in life. Long before many others, he was writing in detail about how best to enjoy a good drink so it has been a delight to bring his writing, expertise and ingenious names to new audiences as well as those that know him and Bond well.’

Shaken will be published by Mitchell Beazley on 6th September 2018 at £15 in hardback. It can be pre-ordered from

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

The Book Bond now supports HTTPS

Hey everyone. Just letting you know that The Book Bond now supports a https connection. Simply put, https is encrypted and therefore more secure than http. (You can read more here.) So if your browser has been giving you a warning that the site is non-secure, that will now go away.

While you can continue to connect via http (old links will automatically redirect), I would encourage you to switch your bookmarked URLs to:

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

IFP celebrates 60 years of DR. NO

The Ian Fleming Publications website is celebrating the 60th anniversary of Ian Fleming's Dr. No. Their page doesn't show the first U.S. edition (which spelled out "Doctor"), so I thought I'd share it here from my own collection. This was published by Macmillan. I've always liked this cover.

Check out DR NO 60th Anniversary at Ian Fleming Publications.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

MOONRAKER radio dramatization on BBC, March 31

A new radio dramatization of Ian Fleming's Moonraker is set to air on BBC Radio 4 at 2:30pm this Saturday, March 31st. James Bond is played by Toby Stephens. Katherine Kingsley plays Gala Brand and Samuel West is Sir Hugo Drax.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

FOREVER AND A DAY Limited Edition from Goldsboro Books

Goldsboro Books in the UK is offering a limited edition of Anthony Horowitz's upcoming Forever and a Day. The book will be signed and number and have sprayed edges. It can be pre-ordered now at the Goldsboro website.

Forever and a Day is a prequel to Ian Fleming's Casino Royale. It will be relased by Jonathan Cape in the UK on May 31 and in the U.S. by Harper Collins on November 6, 2018.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

OO7 Magazine #50 to be released in printed edition

Having released a printed edition of OO7 Magazine #49, Graham Rye will now released a printed version of OO7 Magazine #50, which will complete the printed run of OO7 issues 1-55. Issues 49 & 50 were previously only available as online publications.

This issue works as a book Bond tie-in as it covers the release of the 2006 film adaptation of Ian Fleming's Casino Royale starring Daniel Craig. It also includes an article called "The World Would Disagree" about Ian Fleming before Bond.

You can pre-order OO7 Magazine #50 at the OO7 Magazine website. Shipping starts April 23.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

The Folio Society releases GOLDFINGER

The Folio Society has revealed their next illustrated slip-cased Ian Fleming classic, Goldfinger.

Filled with characters, incidents and images iconic to the Bond series, Goldfinger reveals Fleming at the height of his powers. Opening with Bond enjoying what he believes is a simple game of cat and mouse, Fleming gradually heightens the tension until the reader, along with Bond, realises that the agent has fatally underestimated the strange, gold-obsessed millionaire. Terrorized by the implacable, cat-eating Oddjob, the agent scrambles to foil the plans of the horrifying Goldfinger, aided in part by Pussy Galore, the tough and canny leader of a team of female burglars. 
In this book Fleming reveals a more contemplative side to his secret agent – Bond is a man who thrives on danger, yet in his quieter moments is troubled by the bystanders who bear the brunt of violence. While his adventures are often gloriously fantastical and populated with grotesque villains, Fleming maintains a steely reality through the relentless efficiency of his protagonist. For fans familiar only with the films, Goldfinger’s Bond will be a welcome revelation: deadly and unflappable, he is also a character of many layers. 
Fay Dalton continues her excellent work on this Folio series, producing seven exquisite colour illustrations that ooze with the glamour and dynamism of Bond. For the special illustrated slipcase, Dalton has recreated the infamous death of Jill Masterton, enshrined in shimmering gold.
Bound in blocked cloth
Set in Miller Text
288 pages
Frontispiece and 6 colour illustrations
Pictorial slipcase
9˝ x 6¾˝

The Goldfinger Folio Edition is priced at $62.95 and is available now from the Folio Society website.

Also available are illustrated editions of Casino Royale and From Russia With Love, Dr. No and Moonraker.

Thanks to Toys of Bond for the alert.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

FOREVER AND A DAY signed editions from Waterstones

Waterstones in the UK is offering signed editions of Anthony Horowitz's upcoming Bond novel Forever and a Day. The book is available for pre-order at the Waterstones website.

If IFP follows the pattern of the last few Bonds, we should see more signed and special editions.

Forever and a Day is a prequel to Ian Fleming's Casino Royale. It will be relased by Jonathan Cape in the UK on May 31 and in the U.S. by Harper Collins on November 6, 2018.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

New hardcover edition of COLONEL SUN released

A new hardcover edition of the first James Bond continuation novel Colonel Sun by Kingsley Amis is released today by Pegasus.

The first James Bond novel published after the death of Ian Fleming in 1964, this classic thriller follows James Bond on a mission to a small Aegean island to track down M’s kidnappers―the malign Colonel Sun Liang-tan and his ex-Nazi commander cohort, the deadly Von Richter.

Lunch, a quiet game of golf, a routine social call on M, who is convalescing in his Regency house in Berkshire―the life of secret agent James Bond has begun to fall into a pattern that threatens complacency, until the sunny afternoon when M is kidnapped and all of his house staff savagely murdered.

The action ricochets across the globe, but quickly enough lands Bond on a volcanic Greek island, where the malign Colonel Sun Liang-tan of the People's Liberation Army of China is collaborating with the ex-Nazi commander, Von Richter, in planning a world-dominating conspiracy. The stakes have never been higher, nor the dangers more complex. Bond’s allies―the beautiful, brown-haired Greek agent, Ariadne Alexandrou; along with a tough-as-nails former World War II resistance fighter―are quickly neutralized by the venomous Colonel Sun. Alone and unarmed, faces off against these two nefarious villains.

Stripped of all professional aids, James Bond faces the deadly devices of Colonel Sun and his Nazi cohort in a test that brings him to the verge of his physical abilities.

You can purchase Colonel Sun from Amazon (U.S.) and (UK).

Friday, March 2, 2018


The UK cover art for Anthony Horowitz's new Bond novel Forever and a Day has been revealed with a trailer. Very nice!

At the Ian Fleming Publications website you can see the full wrap-around cover (love that they used a Beretta) and also lean details of a new edition of Casino Royale with introduction by Anthony Horowitz.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

OO7 Magazine #49 released in printed edition

Graham Rye has released a printed version of OO7 Magazine #49. If you recall, this was one of two issues that were released as an online publication only.

Of particular interest to book Bond fans is Hank Reineke’s interview with Ian Fleming biographer and James Bond continuation author, John Pearson, who penned the excellent James Bond The Authorized Biography of 007 in 1973.

You can purchase OO7 Magazine #49 at the OO7 Magazine website.

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