Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Ultra-rare The Man With The Golden Gun variant shows up in donation bin

3AW News has a report on a rare variant edition of Ian Fleming's The Man With The Golden Gun with embossed golden gun on front board that turned up in the donation bin of a charity bookstore in Sunshine, Australia.

Thanks to Patrick Donahue for the alert.


  1. Incredible! I feel like the auction house is being typically conservative. It will fetch this charity shop more than that! Man, if I'd been the one going through that box I'm not sure I would have passed along my findings to the shop....

  2. I am sure the Harringtons will creep out now and call it a 'fake', and then try to sell one of their own.
    Handled dozens of these and there are NO fakes. They just do not know how they were made.


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