Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Daniel Craig on the unused IAN FLEMING Bond titles

BBC News has posted an audio clip from an interview with Daniel Craig getting his reactions to the unused Ian Fleming James Bond titles. When asked if he would star in a film with the following titles, Craig responded:

Risico - "Yeah, that's alright."

The Hildebrand Rarity - "Yeah, but that one came up a few years ago, I think that did, and they've not thought about naming a film after that. Yeah, maybe alright."

The Property of a Lady - "Ohhh... Sounds a bit like sort of a ladies magazine. I'm not sure that's a [interviewer interrupts before Craig can finish]."

007 in New York - "Is that a short story? Not the most exciting title I've ever heard."

Craig is currently shooting the new Bond film SPECTRE in central London. Photos from the shoot by the Daily Mail (above) have given rise to speculation that Bond's flat will be seen in the new film. If so, this will be the first appearance of Bond's home since Live and Let Die in 1973, and only the third time it's been seen on film.

Thanks to my friends at CommanderBond.net for this tip.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

James Bond fansites take stand against Sony hacking

A group of responsible James Bond fansite edtors have drafted a joint statement agreeing to not disseminate information about the new James Bond film gathered from the recent Sony hacking. I wholeheartedly support this action and add myself to this commitment. Here is the statement in full as published at CommanderBond.net:

Joint statement by James Bond fansite editors
Regarding the leaking of the confidential SONY PICTURES ENTERTAINMENT correspondence and ‘SPECTRE’ script drafts

As editors of the websites James Bond Brasil (jamesbondbrasil.com), James Bond-magasinet (jamesbondnorge.no), The Bond Bulletin (thebondbulletin.blogspot.de) as well as the James Bond Club Germany (james-bond-club.de), we, Marcos Kontze, Morten Steingrimsen, Benjamin Lind and Andreas Pott wish to state, that we will not publish or write about any information that has been circulating in media and on the web, and has been illegally obtained from Sony Pictures Entertainment in the recent hacker attack.

Furthermore, we refuse to comment on the content and nature of the above mentioned informations, to divulge this content in any form or respond to any queries regarding to it.

The intention of our websites and the content published within is to inform other Bond Fans about current developments, events and stories from the James Bond universe and not to damage the people who put a lot of work and effort into the making of the Bond Films that we all love and admire. We feel that enough damage and disrespect has been done and sincerely wish Sony Pictures Entertainment, MGM and EON Productions that a swift resolution of the matter can be achieved.

Marcos Kontze – Editor, ‘James Bond Brasil’

Morten Steingrimsen – Editor, ‘James Bond-magasinet’

Benjamin Lind – Editor, ‘The Bond Bulletin’ & ‘Adviser of James Bond Club Germany’

Andreas Pott – President of the ‘James Bond Club Germany’

David Winter - Editor of ‘CommanderBond.net’

John Cox - Editor of ‘The Book Bond’

Read: Official statement on SPECTRE at 007.com.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Early SHOOT TO KILL paperback cover art on Amazon

You may have noticed this cover art is now featured on the Amazon.co.uk page for the Shoot To Kill paperback due out May 7, 2015. I've been told this is not the final artwork. Indeed, the art was pulled down from publisher Red Fox's website where it had initially appeared.

I was expecting it to vanish from Amazon as well, but as it now appears to be sticking around as a place holder, I thought I'd share it here and clarify. Even though it's just a prototype, I wouldn't mind seeing a final cover that's looks like this. I think it's pretty effective.

In Shoot To Kill, Steve Cole picks up where Charlie Higson left off and sends James Bond to Hollywood on his first trip to the United States. The book was released in hardcover in the UK by Random House Children's on November 6.

Purchase Shoot To Kill (hardcover) at Amazon.co.uk.
Pre-order Shoot To Kill (paperback) at Amazon.co.uk.

UPDATE: The final cover art has now been revealed and it is indeed very close to the artwork we see here. The release date for this UK paperback is now October 29, 2015.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Chance to be named in new BOND novel raises £30,000

James Bond author Anthony Horowitz auctioned off an opportunity to be written as a named character in his forthcoming James Bond novel. The prize was offered during a fundraiser for London's Air Ambulance at the East Wintergardens in Canary Wharf. London's Air Ambulance is a charity that delivers an advanced trauma team to critically injured patients in London.

Said the author: "Some writers might simply mention the name of the successful bidder but I intend on doing something rather more. The bidder will appear both by name and by physical characteristics. Aspects of their personality and life will be woven into the story and there's a chance that the character will meet Bond - and perhaps even be killed by him!"

The Bond lot generated the greatest interest and "provoked a furious bidding war" that topped out at £30,000. Horowitz was on hand to greet and congratulate both successful bidders following an unexpected turn in events that resulted in the author agreeing to immortalize both guests in print for their significant donation to the charity.

Anthony Horowitz's James Bond novel, codenamed "Project One", will be released in September 2015.

You can read more details about the book here.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Steve Cole delivers his second YOUNG BOND novel

Here's a nice bit of Bond serendipity. Young Bond author Steve Cole reveal in a tweet that he delivered the manuscript to his second Young Bond novel on the same day the title and cast were revealed for the new Bond film, SPECTRE.

No release date or details have yet been announced for the new book, except that "it will test poor James as never before."

Click here to read my review of Steve's first Young Bond novel, Shoot To Kill.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Brush up on SPECTRE before 'SPECTRE'

The big news out of Pinewood Studios in the UK today was the announcement of the title and cast of the 24th James Bond film, SPECTRE. After announcing the title, director Sam Mendes said, "Those for you who have some knowledge of the Bond franchise and the legend of Bond will probably have some idea of what that refers to, but I couldn't possibly comment."

Of course, we know exactly what this means, and that's why Bond fans are buzzing today. S.P.E.C.T.R.E. (Special Executive for Counterintelligence, Terrorism, Revenge, Extortion) was created by Ian Fleming in his 9th Bond novel, Thunderball, released in 1961. Bond battled the worldwide criminal organization and it's mysterious leader, Ernst Stavro Blofeld, in three books: Thunderball, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, and You Only Live Twice. The Bond films featured SPECTRE as an antagonist until Diamonds Are Forever in 1971. For legal reasons, the filmmakers have been unable to use Bond's most famous foe until now.

Ian Fleming's SPECTRE trilogy.
John Gardner's SPECTRE trilogy.

While the return of SPECTRE is exciting news, it's actually not the big first comeback for the organization. The "hook" of John Gardner's second James Bond novel, For Special Services, was that SPECTRE was back! Gardner created his own SPECTRE trilogy (like Fleming, interrupted by one non-SPECTRE book) with For Special Services, Role of Honor, and Nobody Lives Forever. That last book, released in 1986, saw the final appearance of SPECTRE in book or film until today.

"So, concluded Bond as he cleared the tray away and got down to his books, SPECTRE walks again! But down what road this time?"
- On Her Majesty's Secret Service

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

BOND 24 press conference streams LIVE December 4

The title and cast of the next James Bond film will be announced LIVE from Pinewood studios on December 4 at 11:00 GMT. Will the latest Bond adventure tie into the Fleming books in some way? Let the sport commence!


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

BOOK BOND REVIEW: Young Bond's license renewed

Young Bond illustrated by Kev Walker.

The hardest part about reviewing Steve Cole's first Young Bond novel, Shoot To Kill, is not comparing him to Charlie Higson. In fact, it's too hard. So this will be a review loaded with comparisons, and I will start by making a comparison of a comparison that will probably only be understood by Bond fanatics (but that's why you're here).

With this first book, Steve Cole is to Charlie Higson what John Gardner was to Ian Fleming. This is not a criticism! The John Gardner James Bond continuation novels were solid books that carried on the Bond literary tradition for a new generation. But one had to accept that you were no longer in the hands of the original master -- there's a certain Bondian flavor that's just no longer present -- and how you feel about that will have a lot of do with how much you enjoy Shoot To Kill.

Charlie Higson's five Young Bond novels were dark and layered and embraced by both kids and adults. They were also books about loss. They started with James losing his parents and ended with him losing his innocence and a fair chunk of his soul. The Higson books were about Bond becoming England's "blunt instrument" -- becoming Ian Fleming's James Bond. Cole's first book suggest that his series might be more about building the heroic and stoic 007 -- less Ian Fleming's hero than the James Bond of popular culture. Shoot To Kill is lighter and more straightforward than Higson. It's also a book that feels much less about the times in which it's set (more on this later). While there might not be enough thematic meat here for adults, this might serve the core young readership and the overall Young Bond franchise extremely well. Here's another comparison: If Higson gave us Harry Potter, Cole is giving us Alex Rider. Choose your mega-success.

The plot of Shoot To Kill is well handled and the opening chapter has a terrific Film Noir feel and a nice twist. Young Bond himself feels much like Higson's character, and the Young Bond Girl, Boudicca "Boody" Price, is very well drawn. Steve also does a nice job with the secondary Bond Girl/ally, Tori Wo, an LA journalist. The author offers up several nods to Fleming that hardcore fans will appreciate. The first chapter is titled "You Asked For It" (the title of the first American Casino Royale paperback), and at one point James passes himself off as the son of Hoagy Carmichael (Fleming's physical model for 007). One new contribution Steve makes to the Young Bond universe is that James gets his first handgun -- a custom made air-pistol christened "Queensmarch." I expect this will become the PPK of the continued series.

Bond Girl Boudicca "Boody" Price illustrated by Kev Walker.

Bond ally Tori Wo illustrated by Kev Walker.

(Minor spoilers ahead.)
Steve seems most comfortable with the UK locations, with terrific early action set in a Devon movie palace, nicely foreshadowing the Hollywood adventure to come. Steve even introduces a new Bond car: a Hillman Minx. The author obviously researched airships for Bond's Transatlantic crossing on the Allworld, although he does seem to drift a bit trying to find a way to inject action into the sequence, before finding a windstorm that does the trick nicely. But with the explosive cover art, one is just waiting for Bond to get back onboard the villain's sister ship, Zelda, and do what Bond, young or old, does best -- blow it up!

While Steve doesn't quite yet have the Higson touch when it comes to penning atmosphere, he is just as capable with the action scenes. However, Shoot To Kill feels a touch light on action overall, with maybe one too many "tours" of L.A. locations instead of discovering them on the run. The book deflates every time Bond is able to safely return to his hotel (also a problem with Gardner) and talk things over with the many friends and allies who share this adventure with him.

Hollywood is a location that is LONG overdue for a Bond visit, and it's exciting to finally have a Hollywood-set James Bond adventure. Maybe it's because I'm from L.A. and a bit of a Hollywood history buff (I made a point to drive past Bond's Hollywood hotel on release day), but I' feel like the author's handling of the Hollywood locations isn't as well researched or as realized as it could be. There are a few perplexing errors that are hard to get past, such as mentions of the San Diego and Hollywood Freeways, which didn't exist in 1934 (remember Roger Rabbit?). And after establishing LAs famous street cars, Steve has Bond reliant on taking cabs for rides that are in reality only a few blocks.

Bond villain Anton Kostler illustrated by Kev Walker.

Steve places villain Anton Kostler's compound in Beverly Hills -- which certainly conjures up visions of wealth and power -- but this somehow feels a bit too contemporary. The Hollywood Hills or even the arid and up-for-grabs expanse of the San Fernando Valley would have been more accurate to the period, especially as space is needed for a studio backlot and an airship. There are also times when it feels like Steve inadvertently lapses into writing a contemporary, or at least a '60s-set, James Bond novel. Not only are there the aforementioned freeways, but there are also "malls" and even an appearance of a Corvette! (The first Corvette rolled off the assembly line the same year of the first James Bond novel, 1953.) But, again, I doubt any of this will matter to the core readership, who might dig the mentions of Beverly Hills, malls, and a Corvette. (I'm also reviewing this from a proof, so it's possible these errors have been corrected in the final UK hardcover.)

On the plus side, when young Bond and his friends become caught up in a Hollywood Blvd. riot, it recalls The Day of the Locust, and paints a city bubbling with unrest and contradictions. This feels very nicely keyed into the period and here at last is the Young Bond book of my imagination. I also appreciated the astute choice of the Hollywood Plaza Hotel, and the mentions of landmarks such as the Chinese Theater, the HOLLYWOODLAND sign (as it read back then), and the Hollywood Forever cemetery.

Steve Cole is off to a very good start with Shoot To Kill. But like young James at his Hollywood party, he seems a bit star-struck on this first outing, and who can blame him. So like John Gardner in his first book, License Renewed, Steve stays within the formula and guidelines and concentrates on getting the character of James Bond correct, and in this he succeeds admirably. Now here's hoping Steve will write a Young Bond book that will challenge his new fans and himself. It took Gardner three books until he felt he could slip out from under Fleming's shadow and write his own James Bond novel, and he knocked it out of the park with Icebreaker.

I'm really looking forward to Steve Cole's next Young Bond novel, and I'm especially looking forward to reading his own Icebreaker when he's ready to take that step.

Young Bond in action in Shoot To Kill.

Purchase YOUNG BOND: SHOOT TO KILL by Steve Cole from Amazon.co.uk.

Thanks to Penguin Random House UK Children’s for the beautiful Kev Walker illustrations.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

James Bond Omnibus Vol. 006

Titan Books has released their James Bond Omnibus Vol. 006 which collects the original James Bond comic strip stories by James Lawrence, Yaroslav Horak and John McClusky.

This time the stories include: Shark Bait, Doomcrack, The Paradise Plot, Deathmask, Flittermouse, Polestar, The Scent of Danger, Snake Goddess, and Double Eagle.

US: Purchase James Bond Omnibus Vol. 006 on Amazon.com.

UK: Purchase James Bond Omnibus Vol. 006 on Amazon.co.uk

Monday, November 17, 2014

LINK: Author Steve Cole on reinventing James Bond in his new book Shoot to Kill

Click on the headline to read an excellent article by Steve Cole in The Independent about how "James Bond books aren’t just for boys." The piece also include a nice new Kev Walker illustration showing Young Bond in action in Shoot To Kill.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Steve Cole's next will "test poor James as never before."

The Guardian has an interview with author Steve Cole talking about his first Young Bond novel, Shoot To Kill, out now in the UK. When asked about his next Young Bond adventure, Steve doesn't give out any details, but he did confirm that it will be "out this time next year" and he says:

"I can reveal that it will test poor James as never before."

Read the full interview here.

Shoot To Kill was released in hardcover in the UK by Random House Children's on November 6. There is yet no U.S. release date.

Purchase Shoot To Kill at Amazon.co.uk

Monday, November 10, 2014

Young Bond's HOLLYWOOD home

In Steve Cole's debut Young Bond novel, Shoot to Kill, James Bond pays his first visit to the United States by traveling to Hollywood, California, which was quite an exciting destination in 1934 (the year the book is set).

Steve appears to have done his research when it comes to Bond's choice of hotel during his action-packed stay. Instead of the obvious Hollywood Hotel (or the less obvious, but would-have-been-cool, Knickerbocker Hotel), Steve lands Bond at The Hollywood Plaza, located at the famous intersection of Hollywood and Vine. Opened in 1925, this was said to be Hollywood's most "cosmopolitan and sophisticated hostelry", and unlike the Hollywood Hotel, The Hollywood Plaza still exists today, although it is a dim shadow of what it once was (I made a point to drive past it on the book's release day).

So before you dive into Shoot To Kill, I'd recommend reading up on the The Hollywood Plaza at the blog Paradise Leased, which has an excellent and very detailed history of Young Bond's Hollywood home.

Read: The Hollywood Plaza – Hollywood’s Forgotten Luxury Hotel

Shoot To Kill is out now in the UK in hardcover and can be purchased at Amazon.co.uk. There is yet no announced U.S. release date.

Watch for my Book Bond Review of Shoot To Kill soon.

Thursday, November 6, 2014


Steve Cole's first Young Bond novel, SHOOT TO KILL, is released today in the UK. In Shoot To Kill Steve picks up where Charlie Higson left off and sends young James Bond into action in Hollywood. No U.S. release date has yet been announced.

Steve Cole will be touring UK stores starting today. Below is the current schedule:

6th Nov - Covent Garden & Surbiton (Regency Bookshop)
7th Nov - Westminster/Ascot (Waterstones, Windsor)
8th Nov - STREAM Festival, South London (Tales on Moon Lane)
10th Nov - South Croydon & Sunningdale
11th Nov - Salisbury (Waterstones, Salisbury)
12th Nov - Worcester HIVE (Bertrams)
13th Nov - Blackpool & Blackburn (Silverdell Books)
14th Nov - Motherwell & Glasgow (Scotia Books/Waterstones, Glasgow)

Thanks to Mark Witherspoon for the pic.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Official Young Bond site reveals another SHOOT TO KILL character

The official Young Bond website has revealed another character from Steve Cole's Shoot To Kill. Tori Wo will be joining young James in action in the Steve's first Young Bond novel due out in the UK on Thursday. Here's her character description from the site:

An LA journalist who is close to getting a big scoop on a story of gangsters, corruption and murder in the heart of Hollywood. Tori is hardy and brazen when it comes to chasing the story but compassionate to others when they need help.

Pre-order Shoot To Kill from Amazon.co.uk.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


The official poster for Steve Cole's first Young Bond novel Shoot To Kill has been revealed on the Young Bond Facebook page. Pretty slick.

In Shoot To Kill, Steve Cole picks up where Charlie Higson left off and sends Young Bond into action in Hollywood, CA. The book is set for release in the UK on November 6, 2014.

Pre-order Shoot To Kill from Amazon.co.uk.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Meet the new Young Bond Girl in SHOOT TO KILL

The official Young Bond website has revealed the new Young Bond Girl from Steve Cole's Shoot To Kill. Boudicca "Boody" Pryce will be joining young James in action in Hollywood in the novel due for release in the UK on November 6 .

Boody is a 16-year-old pupil at Dartington Hall – beautiful, clever and go-getting, with a particular interest in machines and engineering. Her analytical mind is balanced by a perceptive, sensitive nature.

‘I’ve seen you about, new boy. You stay quiet. Keep in the background. But you’re always watching. It’s as if ... you’re expecting trouble.’ Old habits die hard, thought James, with a pang of unease at her scrutiny.

Boudicca Pryce joins a sisterhood of colorfully named Young Bond Girls that have included: Wilder Lawless, Any Goodenough, Kelly Kelly, Precious Stone, and Roan Power.

Pre-order Shoot To Kill from Amazon.co.uk.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Kev Walker shows us Young Bond in SHOOT TO KILL

This new Kev Walker illustration of Young Bond from Shoot To Kill has been posted to the official Young Bond website and Facebook page. It's the first character image from the book and the first new Kev Walker Young Bond illustration since 2009. Young Bond is looking very James Bond, isn't he?

In Shoot To Kill, Steve Cole picks up where Charlie Higson left off and sends Young Bond into action in Hollywood, CA. The book is set for release in the UK on November 6, 2014.

Pre-order Shoot To Kill from Amazon.co.uk.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Q&A with Young Bond author STEVE COLE

Here's a brief Q&A with Steve Cole about his upcoming Young Bond novel, Shoot To Kill. This comes from The Bookseller by way of Steve's blog.

Click to enlarge.

In Shoot To Kill, Steve Cole picks up where Charlie Higson left off and sends James Bond to Hollywood on his first trip to the United States. The book is set for release in the UK on November 6, 2014.

Pre-order Shoot To Kill from Amazon.co.uk.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Steve Cole shows his SHOOT TO KILL

New Young Bond author Steve Cole has posted a photo on his blog of his just arrived copy of Shoot To Kill. Says Steve, "Well, at last – one year on from when it was announced I was writing the new Young Bond books, a finished copy has arrived. I think it looks amazing. So pleased!"

One thing that jumps out at me is that this hardcover from Random House Children's appears to be the size of the recent adult James Bond continuation novels rather than the past Charlie Higson Young Bond hardcovers.

In Shoot To Kill, James Bond heads to Hollywood on his first trip to the United States. The book is set for release in the UK on November 6, 2014. There is no news yet of a U.S. publisher.

Pre-order Shoot To Kill from Amazon.co.uk.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


And the good news just keeps on coming! Today it's announce that Ian Fleming Publications has teamed with Dynimite Comics to produce a new series of James Bond graphic novels and comics in 2015. The new books will chronicle James Bond's early career in the Secret Service. Here's the full press release:



October 7th, 2014, Mt. Laurel, NJ: Dynamite Entertainment, a leading publisher of English language comic books and graphic novels, is proud to announce their partnership with Ian Fleming Publications Ltd., (IFPL) the company that owns and administers the literary copyright of Ian Fleming’s published works, including his fourteen James Bond books.

Under their agreement, negotiated by Jonny Geller of Curtis Brown, Dynamite has been granted worldwide rights to publish comic books, digital comics and graphic novels starring 007, Fleming’s iconic secret agent will re-live the exploits that have thrilled and captivated fans for over half a century in fresh visual adaptations of the classic Bond stories.

Moreover, Dynamite plans to create a series of brand new adventures unveiling the defining – and largely undocumented – early years of Bond’s career. These new stories will draw inspiration from the Fleming canon to explore Bond’s ‘origins’: his raw early years before he gambled with his life in the first novel, Casino Royale (1953). Some other familiar faces from the expansive 007 mythos will also make appearances in this series - criminal masterminds, hired henchmen, glamorous Bond Girls and secret service allies – alongside all-new characters.

Corinne Turner, Managing Director of Ian Fleming Publications said “It’s over sixty years since the publication of Casino Royale, and now more than ever it’s an exciting time to be a Bond fan. We’re thrilled that 007 will be revisiting the world of comics, as Fleming’s novels have a long and successful history in this medium, ever since they began to be published as newspaper comic strips in the late fifties. Dynamite are the perfect partners to take on the challenge of continuing this legacy, and we are very much looking forward to working with them.”

“In the journey of discovering new readers for Ian Fleming’s classic Bond stories, we are delighted to be partnering with Dynamite in exploring different ways to broaden the audience. Visually and literally, James Bond will have a new face.” states Jonny Geller, Joint CEO Curtis Brown.

“Ian Fleming’s James Bond is one the best-known characters in the world, yet we know very little of his background and beginnings. The Bond villains are some of the most memorable figures in Popular culture…where did they come from? And in some cases, where did they go?" states Editor Mike Lake.

"James Bond is one of the greatest cultural icons in the world. His author and creator, Ian Fleming, was not only in touch with popular culture in his time, but also saw ahead of his time, and his written work will outlive us all," says Nick Barrucci, CEO and Publisher of Dynamite Entertainment. "The character, the structure, and the source material is so incredibly strong. The original prose storytelling serves as the basis for one of the most successful film franchises ever, a franchise that reinvents itself to be in tune with each generation. By doing so, it allows the character to be an ever-progressive pop culture phenomenon, one that energizes existing fans and engages new fans, thus helping to ensure that Bond's relevance and importance will live on forever. The high-octane action, the charm, the unquestionable allure of this man of action - it all stems from Ian Fleming. We are excited to build upon Fleming's source material with new canonical stories, and are honored at Dynamite to be a small part of his legacy, to be able to bring new stories to fans around the world."

Ian Fleming’s World War II service as assistant to the Director of Naval Intelligence in London granted him a wealth of experience in the world of espionage, on which he drew when writing his novels. Fleming published fourteen James Bond titles and lived to witness their enormous success in print and on film. His cultural legacy has thrived for over fifty years, as millions of readers worldwide continue to discover and enjoy his work.

Dynamite plans to launch its first James Bond comic books in 2015, soliciting periodical issues in Diamond Comic Distributors' Previews catalog, the premiere source of merchandise for the comic book specialty market. Digital and print editions will be available simultaneously through such platforms as Comixology, Dynamite Digital, iVerse, and Dark Horse Digital. Original graphic novels and collections will be released through the comic book specialty market, digital platforms, and numerous book market channels including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and more.

You can read an overview of James Bond's illustrated history HERE.

Monday, October 6, 2014

One month until YOUNG BOND returns

We are now just one month away from publication of Steve Cole's first Young Bond novel, Shoot To Kill. This marks the first new Young Bond adventure since Charlie Higson's 2009 By Royal Command.

Says Steve: "It feels quite strange that after keeping this book a secret for so long, in November it will finally be available for all! Of course, it’s already available for pre-order from your favourite book provider if you want to be one of the first to grab it. You won’t BELIEVE how cool the endpapers are…"

In Shoot To Kill, James Bond heads to Hollywood on his first trip to the United States. The book will be released in hardcover in the UK by Random House Children's on November 6. There is no news yet of a U.S. publisher.

Pre-order Shoot To Kill from Amazon.co.uk.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

New Bond novel not called MURDER ON WHEELS (if that wasn't obvious)

Even though it is abundantly clear in the press release, new Bond author Anthony Horowitz has taken to Twitter to assure Bond fans that his new Bond novel is not called "Murder on Wheels." This is the title of Fleming source material that Horowitz had unique access to, and is a chapter title.

At the moment, Anthony Horowitz's new Bond is going under the codename "Project One." It's due for release September 8, 2015.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Ian Fleming Publications have just announced the next adult James Bond continuation novel will be written by Anthony Horowitz. Here's the full press release which just landed in my email:


Ian Fleming Publications Ltd., The Ian Fleming Estate, the Orion Publishing Group, and HarperCollins US and Canada are delighted to announce that international bestselling and award-winning writer Anthony Horowitz is at work on an official new James Bond novel. Currently dubbed Project One, the novel is due for worldwide release on 8th September 2015.

The new book by Horowitz – a lifelong fan of Ian Fleming – will be set in the 1950s and will be unique among the modern James Bond novels, in that a section will contain previously unseen material written by Fleming to which Horowitz has had exclusive access.

Jessie Grimond, great-niece of Ian Fleming, said: “In the 1950s Ian Fleming wrote several episode treatments for a James Bond television series. But it never came to be made and he ended up turning most of the plots into the short stories that are now in the collections For Your Eyes Only and Octopussy and The Living Daylights. However, there are a few plot outlines which he never used and which, till now, have never been published, or aired. Given that Anthony is as brilliant a screenwriter as he is a novelist, we thought it would be exciting to see what he would do with one of them.”

The treatment chosen by Horowitz, which will serve as a starting point for his novel, is entitled Murder on Wheels, and follows Bond on a mission into the world of motor racing. Familiar characters in the TV treatment include ‘M’ and Miss Moneypenny.

One of the country’s most prolific and successful writers, Horowitz has over 40 books to his name. His recent Sherlock Holmes novel, The House of Silk, sold in more than 35 countries, whilst his bestselling teen spy series, Alex Rider, has sold more than 19 million copies worldwide. As a TV screenwriter he created both Midsomer Murdersand the BAFTA-winning Foyle’s War.

Horowitz said: "It's no secret that Ian Fleming's extraordinary character has had a profound influence on my life, so when the estate approached me to write a new James Bond novel how could I possibly refuse? It's a huge challenge – more difficult even than Sherlock Holmes in some ways – but having original, unpublished material by Fleming has been an inspiration. This is a book I had to write."

Lucy Fleming, niece of Ian Fleming, said: “We are thrilled that Anthony has taken on the Bond mantle, and can’t wait to read his novel. Anthony is a brilliant writer, as his millions of fans around the world demonstrate. He has an exceptional skill for writing spy thrillers in particular, and it is this coupled with the original Fleming material and his knowledge of and enthusiasm for Bond, which makes for a really exciting proposition.”

Malcolm Edwards, Deputy CEO and Group Publisher, Orion Publishing Group, said: “James Bond and Anthony Horowitz is a match made in publishing heaven. Anthony is a writer of exceptional skill and I have no doubt he will deliver a book that will resonate and delight Bond fans around the globe. For our part, we will publish the book in a way that celebrates the legacy of literary Bond and mount a campaign that will make publication day one of the biggest publishing events of 2015.”

Jonathan Burnham, Senior Vice President and Publisher, HarperCollins US, said: “HarperCollins is thrilled to be publishing the new James Bond novel in the United States and Canada. Anthony Horowitz is an author of exceptional skill and range – his Sherlock Holmes novel, House of Silk, displayed his amazing ability to reanimate fictional characters to create a new and powerful narrative. The combination of this talent, his inventiveness and brilliance as a novelist, and his access to hitherto unpublished Fleming material, makes this a uniquely exciting event for all James Bond fans.”

The book will be published by Orion Publishing Group in the UK, and by HarperCollins in the United States. The book rights were sold in the English language by Jonny Geller of Curtis Brown, on behalf of Ian Fleming Publications Ltd and The Ian Fleming Estate. International rights will be offered at the forthcoming Frankfurt Book Fair on October 6.

Further announcements about the project will follow in 2015.

I thought Horowitz's recent official Sherlock Holmes novel, The House of Silk, was brilliant, so I'm very excited about this choice. And James Bond in the world of auto racing... Yes please!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

JAMES BOND BENCH on the block, October 7

The James Bond BookBench is going to be auctioned at London's Southbank Centre on Monday October 7th along with the 50 other specialty BookBench sculptures that rolled out across London in summer. All the proceeds will go to the National Literacy Trust.

Tickets can be bought from the Southbank Centre box office. You can also register to bid online. Full details are available at the Books About Town website.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

IAN FLEMING audiobooks released in U.S. and Canada

The complete set of original Ian Fleming James Bond audiobooks -- which had been released in the UK by AudioGo -- are now available from Blackstone in North America as both CDs and digital downloads.

Click to enlarge.

Narrated by notable British actors, including Bill Nighy, Rosamund Pike, Tom Hiddleston and Sir Kenneth Branagh, this series of unabridged recordings was over three years in the making, and includes bonus interviews with each of the artists involved.

The cover designs are adapted from the 2012 Thomas & Mercer editions of the original novels.

You can purchase the audiobooks now at Amazon.com.

Thanks to Ian Fleming Publications.

Friday, September 5, 2014

New official YOUNG BOND website launched

In anticipation of Steve Cole's first Young Bond novel, Shoot To Kill, the official Young Bond website as received a complete makeover. Check it out at www.youngbond.com.

In Shoot To Kill, Steve Cole picks up where Charlie Higson left off and throws James Bond into action in Hollywood, CA. It will be released on November 6, 2014 in the UK.

Pre-order Shoot To Kill on Amazon.co.uk.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

SHOOT TO KILL paperback due May 7, 2015

For those that like to plan ahead, know that the paperback edition of Steve Cole's first Young Bond novel, Shoot To Kill, is already available for pre-order on Amazon.co.uk. The release date is May 7, 2015. Publisher is Red Fox.

In Shoot To Kill, Steve Cole picks up where Charlie Higson left off and throws James Bond into action in Hollywood, CA. The book will be released in hardcover in the UK by Random House Children's on November 6, 2014. There is no news yet of a U.S. publisher.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Steve Cole about to start his second YOUNG BOND book

Young Bond author Steve Cole, who has been vacationing in Mallorca, Spain (not a bad place to set a Bond book, hmmm), tweets that he's about to begin work on his second Young Bond novel.

Of course, Steve's first Young Bond novel, Shoot To Kill, is due for release in the UK by Random House Children's on November 6, 2014.

Pre-order Shoot To Kill on Amazon.co.uk.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

SHOOT TO KILL finds a new firearm

The cover art for Steve Cole's new Young Bond novel, Shoot To Kill, has received a bit of a revision. The gun that featured on the artwork reveled in May has been swapped out with a new model. The change was made after fans pointed out that the gun on the original cover was made in 1938. Shoot To Kill takes place in 1934.

New cover (left) and old cover (right).

Frankly, I didn't have any problem with the original gun not being of the period (it looked good!), but kudos to IFP and Random House Children's for listening to the fans.

In Shoot To Kill Steve Cole picks up where Charlie Higson left off and throws James Bond into action in Hollywood, CA. The book will be released in the UK by Random House Children's on November 6, 2014. There is yet no news of a U.S. publisher.

Pre-order Shoot To Kill by Steve Cole on Amazon.co.uk.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

JAMES BOND WEEKEND in Stockholm, Sept 19-21

Our good friend Anders Frejdh, webmaster of the amazing From Sweden With Love website, alerts us to a special James Bond Weekend in Stockholm for the benefit of UNICEF Sweden.

The weekend will include loads of James Bond stars and special screenings of the new 4K digital versions of the Bond films from Park Circus. Also, Sanchez sings Sinatra!

The weekend is set for September 19-21, 2014, in Stockholm, Sweden. For more information and tickets, please visit From Sweden With Love.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

IAN FLEMING commemorative stamps released

A series of commemorative stamps celebrating Ian Fleming’s life has been released by Guernsey Post.

Guernsey Post’s 41 pence and 54 pence stamps focus on Fleming’s role as a Commander of Naval Intelligence during World War II. His time at his Jamaican home, Goldeneye, where he wrote all of the James Bond novels, is the focus of the 55 pence stamp. The 74 and 83 pence stamps reflect Fleming’s role as a successful journalist and writer – both at home in London and as a journalist abroad.

Complementing the stamps is a miniature sheet (£3.00 stamp) depicting Ian Fleming behind the wheel of a Blower Bentley, which was taken by veteran Life Magazine photographer, Loomis Dean.

The stamps are available to order now visiting www.guernseystamps.com or by calling philatelic customer services on (01481) 716486.

Thanks to Ian Fleming Publications.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Are you into Bondage?

…Magazine, that is?

Bondage was the official magazine of the James Bond 007 Fan Club (not to be confused with the James Bond International Fan Club, publishers of OO7 Magazine). The "American club" — as it was called back in the day — was run by Richard Schenkman from 1974 to 1989.

While Bondage never grew as thick nor as slick as its overseas counterpart OO7, its content was always first class. In the pages of Bondage you could find lengthy in-dept interviews with such Bond luminaries as Cubby Broccoli, Michael G. Wilson, George Lazenby, Timothy Dalton, Tom Mankiewicz, John Glen, and John Gardner. The magazine published several Ian Fleming short stories that had never been published in America, and one of its major contributors was the yet-to-be-named continuation author Raymond Benson. The club and magazine served Bond fans for 15 years, and within the pages of Bondage are facts and photos found nowhere else.

Today back issues of Bondage are hot collectibles. While issues 1 to 7 are exceedingly rare, the remaining ten issues can be found at reasonable prices. But which issue contains that choice interview or story that you simply must have?

To help you on your search, here is a complete checklist bibliography of Bondage magazine — the covers, the content, and some choice news and rumours that didn’t always turn out to be true. Happy hunting.

A Complete Bibliography – 1974 to 1989

Bondage – No. 1, June 1974
12 pages

NEWS: Eon tells the club the next Bond film after The Man With The Golden Gun will be Moonraker. Eon says it will adapt the Ian Fleming short stories. Alice Copper’s musical version of The Man With The Golden Gun will not be used after all. The Man With The Golden Gun started shooting in April on schedule.
BOND ON T.V. From Russia With Love airs on ABC with cuts even worse than Goldfinger. Will we see a YOLT/DAF theatrical double bill re-release in the future?
WHERE ARE THEY NOW? David Hedison appeared on T.V.’s Cannon. Sean Connery is filming Ransom and will next do Murder on the Orient Express.
REVIEW: Zardoz starring Sean Connery.
TOYS & GAMES: Live and Let Die tarot card set still available.
KUNG FU BOND? With The Man With The Golden Gun, is James Bond becoming a follower instead of a trendsetter?

Bondage – No. 2, December 1974
Special The Man With The Golden Gun Issue
12 pages

REPORT: The Man With The Golden Gun – Cubby and Harry have done it again!
LOCATIONS: A report on filming The Man With The Golden Gun in the Gulf of Siam, Hong Kong, and Bangkok.
AT THE STUDIO: The Man With The Golden Gun at Pinewood and the huge Solar Energy Plant set.
SPECIAL NOTE: Eon Productions tells the club that the next Bond film will not be Moonraker as reported in issue #1, but The Spy Who Loved Me.
SOME FACTS ON THE STARS: Roger Moore, Christopher Lee, and Herve Villechaize profiled.
BONDED RECIPES: “Scrambled Eggs James Bond” (from 007 in New York).
WHERE ARE THEY NOW? Sean Connery is now filming Murder on the Orient Express.

Bondage – No. 3, January 1977
20 pages

NEWS: Saltzman spits!
NEWS: Double Double-Oh-Seven Next Year by Bob Forlini (news of rival Kevin McClory film, James Bond of the Secret Service).
PREVIEW: The Spy Who Love Me by Richard Schenkman.
ARTICLE: Russia Dealing Bonds.
PICTORIAL: The Man With The Golden Gun car jump. Fan poster art by Tom Bennett
HISTORY: James Bond’s Aston Martin.
BONDED RECIPES: Chinese Fired Rice.
ARTICLE: Is Spy Moore’s Last Bond?
REVIEW: The Spy Who Loved Me: A review of Fleming’s Novel.
ARTICLE: Why So Many Felix Leiters? by Bob Forlini.
CAST & CREDITS: The Spy Who Loved Me.

Bondage – No. 4, Summer 1977
20 pages

THE BIG NEWS: While Octopussy and Moonraker were also being considered, it has been decided that For Your Eyes Only will be the next Bond film.
MUSIC: Marvin Hamlisch and Nobody Does It Better.
HISTORY: Portrait of M by Robert Forlini.
ARTICLE: The Women of The Spy Who Love Me.
LITERATURE: The Little-Known Ian Fleming/James Bond Short Stories by Saul Fischer.
SPECIAL STILL PICTORIAL: Connery meeting the Queen at the You Only Live Twice premiere. Roger Moore workout for The Man With The Golden Gun.
OPINION: Roger Moore in Bond’s Future? by Richard Schenkman.
VEHICLES: Getting around in Spy, a look at the Lotus and the wetbike.
BONDED RECIPES: Green Street Spaghetti.

Bondage – No. 5, Winter 1978
20 pages

NEWS: Nothing yet on “Eyes Only”. Tom Mankiewicz has submitted several story ideas. Cubby scouting Venezuela, Brazil (Rio), Argentina, and Paris as possible locations.
INTERVIEW: Q&A With Albert R. Broccoli.
MUSIC: John Barry and Bond by Paul Harrod.
PICTORIAL on the production of The Spy Who Love Me (including rare pic of Roger Moore and David Niven together on the set).
ARTICLE: Bond’s Weaponry by Robert Forlini.
SPECIAL STILL PICTORIAL: George Lazenby’s Bond-like Sony T.V. commercial in pictures and text.
BONDED RECIPES: Roast Beaver (!) and Roast Duck.

Bondage – No. 6, Summer 1978
On Her Majesty’s Secret Service Special
20 pages

NEWS: Moonraker Launched! New film started shooting August 14. James Bond of the Secret Service back off the ground as well.
INTERVIEW: George Lazenby: Ten Years Later Q&A.
HISTORY: Das grosse Erlebnis – Piz Gloria by Tom Bennett.
PICTORIAL: Peter Hunt: A Director’s Scrapbook. Personal pics from the production of On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.
ARTICLE: The Original James Bond Car, My Life With 007′s Aston Martin DB5 by Jerry Lee.
SPECIAL PICTORIAL: Roger Moore and Lois Chiles in Paris on the first day of shooting Moonraker.

Bondage – No. 7, Summer 1979
20 pages

CLUB MEMBERS NOTICES: Club Moonraker coverage will appear in the new sci-fi magazine, Questar.
INTERVIEW: Q&A with Kevin McClory by Richard Schenkman.
FAN ART: Club Member Artwork.
PICTORIAL: Moonraker.
ARTICLE: James Bond in the Classroom by Fred R. Eicheiman, Ed.D.
ARTICLE: The Spy Who Lived Twice by Saul Fischer. A comparrison of the many similarities between The Spy Who Loved Me and You Only Live Twice.

Bondage – Number 8, 1980
20 pages

CLUB MEMBERS NOTICES: Pics of club members personalized 007 license plates.
INTERVIEW: Q&A with screenwriter Tom Mankiewicz by Richard Schenkman.
BOND BOOKSHELF: Colonel Sun, The Book of Bond, and The James Bond Dossier.
ARTICLE: Moonraker From Book to Film by Andy East.
HISTORY: On the Set of Diamonds Are Forever by Robert Short.
ARTICLE: Ken Adam Talks About the Production Design of Moonraker.
FAN FILM REPORT: The Spy Who Did It Better by Mark Pirro.
BOOKS: Writing The James Bond Films: A Behind the Scenes History by Steve Rubin.
INTERVIEW: An Exclusive Interview With “James Bond” by Danny Biederman.
TRVIA: The James Bond Quizbook.

Bondage – Number 9, 1980
20 pages

INTERVIEW: Q&A with 007′s “Special Effects Wizard” Derek Meddings by Richard Schenkman.
HISTORY: James Bond’s Hardware by Ian Fleming. (Remarkable article written by Fleming in 1957.)
INTERVIEW: A Panel Discussion with Albert R. Broccoli, Lewis Gilbert, and Ken Adam held at the Museum of Modern Art June 29-30, 1979.
LITERATURE: My Friend the Octopus by Ian Fleming. (Little-know Fleming story from 1957.)
INTERVIEW: Bob Simmons by Richard Schenkman.
TRVIA: James Bond 007 Quizbook.

Bondage – Number 10, 1981
24 pages

IN MEMORIAM: Peter Sellers, John Lennon, Bernard Lee.
INTERVIEW: Q&A with Terence Young at the Festival du Film by Richard Schenkman.
INTERVIEW: Richard Schenkman talks with associate producer Stanley Sopel.
LITERATURE: Treasures of the Sea by Ian Fleming. (Another little-know Fleming story from 1957.)
HISTORY: THUNDERBALL Open end Interviews with Sean Connery, Claudine Auger, and Terence Young from 1965.
INTERVIEW: Maurice Binder at the Museum of Modern Art.
ADVERT: The Illustrated James Bond, 007, a James Bond 007 Fan Club publication.

Bondage – Number 11, 1982
25 pages

INTERVIEW: John Gardner: A talk with the man holding James Bond’s literary license by Richard Schenkman.
INTERVIEW: For Your Eyes Only press junket coverage by Richard Schenkman. Q&A interviews with: Topol, Julian Glover, Sheena Easton, Maurice Binder, Robbin Young (flower shop girl), Cubby Broccoli, and Roger Moore.
MERCHANDISE: For Your Eyes Only posters.
QUIZ/GAMES: The 007 Night Spot.
MUSIC: Twisting with James
BOOKS: Publish or Perish: Writing The James Bond Films: A Behind the Scenes History by Stephen Jay Rubin.
ARTICLE: The strange case of the two prettiest women in For Your Eyes Only…one who wasn’t in the film and the other was a man!

Bondage – Number 12, 1983
20 pages

INTERVIEW: The John Glen Interview by Richard Schenkman and Tom Sciacca (including details on Octopussy).
HISTORY: A Visit to the Lilly Library by Raymond Benson. Benson reports on the Fleming archive while doing his research for The James Bond Bedside Companion.
MERCHANDISE: The August Halle Productions gunbarrel lithograph.
REPORT: Never Say Never Again by Richard Schenkman (includes pic of cut scenes).
HISTORY: Talking with Bond: Pino Locchi, the Italian Voice of 007.
INTERVIEW: The Lois Maxwell Interview by Mark Greenberg.

Bondage – Number 13, 1984
20 pages

LITERATURE: “How To Write a Thriller” by Ian Fleming. Amazing article by Fleming from 1962. Illustrated by George Almond.
INTERVIEW: A Dialogue with Kingsley Amis by Raymond Benson (infamous interview in which the author of Colonel Sun trashes the first two Gardner novels.)
REPORT: HOLLYWOOD! Picture coverage from both the premieres of Octopussy and Never Say Never Again.
HISTORY: On the Set of Diamonds Are Forever by Danny Biederman.
MERCHANDISE: Final chance to get the August Halle Productions gunbarrel lithograph.
INTERVIEW: The Adolfo Celi Interview by Piero Corsini.

Bondage – Number 14, 1985
20 pages

INTERVIEW: The 1985 Model: John Gardner by Richard Schenkman.
GAMING: Be Your Own James Bond: A Look at the James Bond 007 Role-Playing Game by Raymond Benson.
REPORT: A View To A Kill (includs pics from cut “Zorin protestors” sequence).
REPORT: James Bond in San Francisco by Rick Johnson.
OBITUARY: Ivar Bryce 1906 – 1985, A Remembrance.
REPORT: Sean Connery: Harvard Man of the Year. A full report with pics from the Hasty Pudding Theatricals 1984 banquet.
MERCHANDISE: Vintage Bond Corgi’s for sale.

Bondage – Number 15, May 1987
20 pages

HISTORY: Casino Royale: The Forgotten Bond by Leonard Thomason.
REPORT: On the Set of The Living Daylights: A Reporters Notebook by Richard Schenkman.
INTERVIEW: A Conversation with Timothy Dalton by Richard Schenkman.
REPORT: SOLD! A report on the sale of the Aston martin DB5 by Raymond Benson.
LITERATURE: “Treasure Hunt in Eden” by Ian Fleming. Part One: Pirate Gold. (Story written by Ian Fleming in 1958 printed here in American for the first time.)

Bondage – Number 16, Winter 1989
23 pages

LITERATURE: “Treasure Hunt in Eden” by Ian Fleming. Part Two: Butterflies and Beachcombers. Illustrated by George Almond.
MUSIC/BOOKS: The Soundtracks to the Novels by Raymond Benson. Researched by Mark Atkins. (A terrific examination of the music contained in the works of Ian Fleming.)
REPORT: Report from the Set of License To Kill by Richard Schenkman.
INTERVIEW: Timothy Dalton Revisited by Richard Schenkman. (Interview contains pics of cuts scenes, and an ominous prediction by Dalton that he “has a feeling” that Licence To Kill will be “the end of the lot.” Not just his last Bond…but the last Bond altogether!)

Bondage – Number 17, Summer 1989
28 pages

TELEVISION: Fleming’s Life Depicted in Goldeneye. Report on TV movie starring Charles Dance.
LITERATURE: “Treasure Hunt in Eden” by Ian Fleming. Part Three: Gold or No Gold?
TELEVISION /HISTORY: Ian Fleming’s Other Spy by Jon E. Heitland. (A look at Ian Fleming’s involvement in the creation of Napoleon Solo and The Man From U.N.C.L.E.)
INTERVIEWS: Chatting at the Plaza. Press junket interviews with John Glen and Talisa Soto from Licence To Kill (with a promise that other interviews would appear in Bondage #18).
LOCATIONS: Everyman His Own 007 by Richard Schenkman. (Terrific collection of fan photos and remembrances of visiting Bond sets and Bond locales.)
INTERVIEW: A Visit to the James Bond Classroom. Raymond Benson interviews Michael G. Wilson and director of publicity Saul Cooper.

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