Monday, October 27, 2014

Meet the new Young Bond Girl in SHOOT TO KILL

The official Young Bond website has revealed the new Young Bond Girl from Steve Cole's Shoot To Kill. Boudicca "Boody" Pryce will be joining young James in action in Hollywood in the novel due for release in the UK on November 6 .

Boody is a 16-year-old pupil at Dartington Hall – beautiful, clever and go-getting, with a particular interest in machines and engineering. Her analytical mind is balanced by a perceptive, sensitive nature.

‘I’ve seen you about, new boy. You stay quiet. Keep in the background. But you’re always watching. It’s as if ... you’re expecting trouble.’ Old habits die hard, thought James, with a pang of unease at her scrutiny.

Boudicca Pryce joins a sisterhood of colorfully named Young Bond Girls that have included: Wilder Lawless, Any Goodenough, Kelly Kelly, Precious Stone, and Roan Power.

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  1. Ah, yes Dartington Hall. The school Fleming forgot to mention in the YOLT obit, eh?

    Careful, Steve

    1. Unlike the trip to Sardinia & Mexico and everything else that happened in Higsons 5 books LOL
      He's got nothing to be careful of.

    2. Of course, Fleming's bio specifically mentions schools not holiday "ops"... So the same still applies, IMO.

      Though I'd recommend reading SHOOT TO KILL too. Because Cole does actually get away with Dartington in a Fleming context after all; the cack-handed exerpt form IFP is what puts it in a IF-conflcting context.

  2. I had a colleague who attended Dartington in the late 60s and he remembers Tim Dalton visiting the theatre there..."dark and brooding" was how he described him, even in his early 20s.


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